Time to put some color in your cheeks.

Well, I feel quite awkward about sending you this message. As you may know, Max – my neighbors son – has been job shadowing at my work for a little while. The advertising agency is very good for this, but what happened today was quite beyond my experience. I feel I have to share.

tumblr_o4ob3nCqmr1ukdxiso1_500Max had his young friend Micheal drop by the office. Rather than hanging around like a great goon, while Max finished off what he was doing, Micheal worked on something on his computer in my office. As it turned out, Max was tied up and had to work a little longer than anticipated, so his friend sat at the table in my office working away at an assignment for college. He was doing some sort of graphics training.

I was wearing a very thin pale blue blouse, my navy blue bra visible through it. My skirt was also rather shorter than strictly necessary, though no one had ever complained. Either way, what transpired was probably predictable.

I remember clearly freshening up my eye makeup, and glancing in the mirror of the compact as I applied a little more golden glow, noticing the way Micheal was staring at my behind. The only word that comes to mind is ‘drooling.’ One does get used to this.

Throughout the afternoon, now and then I would look up from my work and several times I caught Michael looking at me in a way that can only be described as salacious and lustful. Now, Max has way too many hormones dancing around inside his pants, but manages to control himself, even if I do tease him from time to time. I enjoy giving him the wrong end of the stick now and then and metaphorically giving him a good poke with it. After all, we all love a good poke. However, his friend Michael seemed positively entranced by my figure and unable to take his eyes off me.

I could see his furtive glances were drinking in my shape each time he secretly glanced at me. I could see him getting increasingly uneasy, and shifting awkwardly in his seat. I shot him a smile, as I worked and he blushed. This was all rather cute, until he got up unsteadily and walked over to my desk.

“Fiona,” he said nervously. I could see he was terribly anxious.

“Micheal, darling, what can I do for you,” I said as gently as I could.

“I…I…” He couldn’t get the words out.

“It’s ok, Micheal. You can say anything you want to me.”

He leaned into me and with the greatest of efforts spoke slowly and said, “I want to use your mouth.”

I was more than a little taken aback. I have been approached in many situations, and actually enjoy be propositioned, but this seemed a little odd.

I collected my thoughts and then said, being careful not to offend, “Just hold that thought for a moment.”

I slowly got to my feet and walked quickly out of my office to the coffee room, where I found Max loitering.

“Max,” I said firmly. “Come here! Now!”

He looked at me quizzically and said “Yes?”

“Micheal,” I said slowly, “Is he… Urm… He seems a little,” I didn’t have the chance to finish my sentence.

“Oh, I know,” Max said. “He’s a little odd. Tightly wound. Especially his lisp, and everything. Takes a lot to understand him sometimes.”

“Yes.” I said. “Exactly,” and slowly walked back to my office. As though the fog was clearing, suddenly all became clear, and I realized he must have been asking for a mouse for his computer.

‘Yes,’ I thought. ‘That must be it.’ I knew he’d been working on some graphics and a good mouse would make that a lot easier.

I walked in with renewed certainty and a sense of clarification, a crisis easily averted. Sitting at the table, Michael still looked nervous and awkward. ‘Silly boy,’ I thought, giggling to myself.

“Don’t worry, Michael,” I said. “I’m sure I can help you with that,” and I gave him a smile.

He blushed, and stood up, closed the door of my office and then to my surprise excitedly said, “I altho want your puthy…”

Now, I must get on with this email because there’s so much mounting on my desk, and I am getting a little behind (…phrasing…).

I meant to chat with you as most of my members are in USA and Europe. As we move into the glories of summer a wonderful opportunity comes, as we can apply a little blush, and blame the sun should anyone notice. If you are going out and dressing in public already this may seem a little redundant, of course.

I like as many as possible of my members to integrate a little of their femme self into every day. Using subtle amounts of make up does this wonderfully.

In summer most women actually use a little less make up, though using a bronzer is an exception. There’s no reason in the world why you shouldn’t do the same. Just as secretly wearing panties to work is liberating, using a little additional color on your cheeks has the same effect.

Now, as for Max, I can think of a good way to put some color in his cheeks. Where’s my office ruler?


Sylvester’s giant pain in the …

Sylvester’s giant erection.

“It took three of use, heaving and panting and sweating to get my erection up,” said Sylvester, my mechanic, sitting at my kitchen table and sipping tea from my finest bone china. Like many of my best friends he just appears in my kitchen sometimes. Like a big sweaty mechanic genie.

“I’m sure it did,” I said sympathetically. “Now, just tell me again, this ‘erection’, what is that again?”

“It’s the new sign outside my store. Really beautiful, big and shiny. People can see it for miles.”

“I don’t doubt it, “ I said, my imagination reelling.

tumblr_o1u5glMNzN1thnk1uo1_1280“That’s when I did it.”

“You did?” I said, surprised. “Ion the parking lot?”

“My back! It’s bloody agony!” He clutched his lower lumbar region and winced.

“Poor Sylvester!” I was at my most sympathetic. When an enormous erection goes all wrong I know how difficult things can be. It can get out of hand very swiftly.

“So, I wondered, maybe you could…”

“Sylvester, I am telling you for the very last time! What goes on between you, your boys and your big shiny erection really is your business and I really don’t want to come between you!”

“No! I’m trying to ask, do you know a good chiropractor to help with my back?”

It so happens that I am quite well connected in that department. As I told Sylvester, I happen to know Dicky Longstaff personally.

“Dicky who?” said Sylvester.

“Longstaff. He does all the big names. They say he’s behind some of the biggest boys in TV and film too. Often, I’m told. He has many celebrity clients.”

“Longstaff, you say. That sounds familiar.”

“You’ve probably heard his radio adverts. You know the one! “I’m Dicky, and I’ve got your back!”

Sylvester looked mildly relieved and I told him I would get on the phone as soon as I’d finished this email.

So, the reason I am emailing you is to say that at last the Fiona Dobson website is finally alive. My neighbour’s son Max has been beavering away – his words not mine – in his bedroom, emerging only for food, and finally he’s got it up. Go and see it at http://FionaDobson.com as admire his work!

He’s up there day and night laboring away at his computer. Such a diligent boy. At least I think that’s what he’s doing up there.

If you’re thinking of joining the Premium Program, let me know. Now is a good time, as you will also get free membership of my Little Black Book, at least until the end of June, when I’ll be offering that as a separate $24.95 subscription. So, Carpe Diem, as I always tell Max. Though to be quite honest I’m not sure that’s what he’s been seizing!


A little something extra.

A little something extra.

Sylvester, my mechanic, throws the most enjoyable parties, though sometimes they really do get quite out of hand. On one evening recently he had a rather fun night during which one of his friends decided they were intent on cornering me and plying me with drink, in the hopes that they might do unspeakable, but delightful things to my body.

“If you think you are going to get that in me,” I said to his friend, “you’re very much mistaken,” as he tried to press yet another drink on me.

“But, darling…” He oozed.

“Don’t ‘Darling’ me. If you think I’m swallowing your…” I was at a loss for words. “… your nonsense, then you must think I was born yesterday!”

Well, this evening I have something very special for you. This weekend I am starting a little thing I call Playtime With Fiona. So, if you’d like to play along have a listen HERE. It’s a fun little exercise for those of you who are a little concerned about dressing in public, or who are just starting out in their crossdressing journey.

So, have a listen and let me know if you enjoy it. The best way to show you liked it is to share it or post comments on Soundcloud.

By the way, I still have about 40 places available in Fiona’s Little Black Book. Currently these are free, but as soon as it goes over 200 entries it will become part of the paid program, so if you want to get into it while it’s still freeemail me saying you’d like to be listed in my Little Black Book. If you’d like to read about it, you can do so here: http://yes-sadie100.tumblr.com/flbb

Thinking about upgrading to the Premium Program? Email me and I’ll get it organised for you!