Why PVC?

As I stepped out of the shower, following a vigorous workout with Sebastian, I saw a message come in on my tablet. Pulling on a lovely pink robe, I took the tablet down to the living room, where Sebastian was sitting drinking an energy drink. As you probably know, Sebastian is my personal trainer.

“Oh, look,” I said. “ my friend’s looking for a cool black and white PVC sissy maids outfit.”

Sebastian looked at me, and said, “I’m never really got the whole PVC outfit thing.  It’s a bit unusual for me. I just can’t imagine a situation in which one would wear such a thing.”

“Well, I’m a bit unusual. It seems a lovely idea to me!” I said.

Now, we’ve had what can best be described as an interesting week. There’s been a few struggles and some  painful learning. One of the images we used some time ago came from a source that hadn’t cleared copyright, so we got a little hurt there, but I hope we’ve resolved that without anyone getting too upset. Should you be aware of any images used inappropriately be sure to let me know.

As I told Sebastian “This weeks been a challenge, but people seem to love the idea of a ‘Man Of The Year’, which is running on the website.”

“And who’s winning that?” asked Sebastian.

“Well, at present I think it’s Sarah Huckabee Sanders, actually. She’s beating off stiff competition from Ray Gillette and Bernard the photographer.” I replied, sounding a little confused.

“Ahhhh… Well, maybe I can imagine a situation one would wear a PVC costume. Beating off Ray Gillette and Bernard would be the perfect opportunity.”

“Sebastian,” I replid, “please don’t be so crass!”

On my website you’ll find a nice link to some PVC maids outfits. Perfect for Christmas, don’t you think?

Now, I wanted to give a special shout out to Joni, from Toronto, who is a member of My Little Black book.

She’s delighted to hear from other CDs to chat and connect with. But the main reason I am mentioning her is that she sent this lovely image following a makeup session with Amy. Joni’s picture is delightful and here’s a link to Amy – http://crossdresslasvegas.com/Amy/Amy/DearAmy.html – who is in Las Vegas and evidently does a great job in the make over she provides. I’m thrilled to mention her to you, because she’s clearly very helpful and does a great job.

This week I also had a little push – calm down Amber – into my German friends. We’re expanding and welcoming new members from Germany into My Little Black Book. That gave me the perfect excuse to use the music below. You can learn why I used it here!

Have a great week, and remember if you want to connect with Joni just join My Little Black Book if you haven’t done so already. It’s just $2.95 for CD membersand $4.95 for Admirers each month.



Just too good not to share.  I used this recently in a reach to my German members. Read about it here.
Have you voted in our  ‘Man Of The Year’ poll? Now might be a good time to.

Reach out to my German Members

As we approach the end of the year I’ve been having Max do some data work on some of our projects. One of our most successful is My Little Black Book – it’s connecting many people here in Canada, the US and Mexico. However, I notice that there are just two German members at present.

Now, you and I both know how lonely the CD world can be. My Little Black Book is a great way to connect with others, either for support or for the pleasure of their company, if you should choose to meet. However, being isolated is really not a good feeling. That’s why My Little Black Book is so very helpful.

As you likely know, it’s not exactly overpriced at just US$2.95 a month for CD members, and for Admirers the cost comes in at just $4.95 a month.

I’d really like to be able to give my German friends the kind of support we offer the members in North America. So, consider this a chance to join in my efforts to make our lives just a little better and a little more fun. 🙂

Now,  I usually add a music track to the emails I send. I was looking for something suitable, and stumbled over this live performance by Nena, in the video below. So many of the tracks I include are special to me, and this is no exception. Years ago, before I really found my way, I was dating a wonderful girl who gave me two incredible gifts.

The first was a Sony Walkman and headset. Now, this was no small thing. It was 1983 and I’d never owned a Walkman or any personal player like it. When I listened using a headset for the first time it was like a whole new world of sound opened up for me. Never  before had the music been so very vivid, except in a live performance. Today it seems a little archaic to say it, but at the time it was a truly extraordinary experience. We just hadn’t heard music in such detail that way before.

It was really quite breathtaking. And the tape she gave me was an early release copy of Nena’s album, with 99 Luftballons. It was the perfect sound for this new experience. For those of us who grew up in that time, the message of the song resonated. For cold war kids, four minutes was a long time – just long enough to be nuked. Now, I happen to know the average age of my German friends getting this is 32, so this may sound a little unusual, but that was the reality in which we lived. At the time I was protesting at US Airbases, as many of my friends were, against the arrival of American Cruise Missiles at airbases in England. We were all very political. The sentiment of 99 Luftballons could have been written for us. It was as if Nena were speaking directly to us, and standing there with us in the protest marches.

So, this email gives me an excuse to include something from Nena, now a grandmother, and one of the dearest formative influences that forms part of the background music of my life. She, like my friends and I, has evolved and adapted and grown in many extraordinary ways, and continues to enrich the lives of so many of us. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Think about joining My Little Black Book, and let me know if you do so. You can see the members here.


Your friend,



Everybody Ought To Have A Maid.

It goes without saying that everybody out to have a maid, but when one of my friends recently mentioned the matter of a PVC maids costume, I felt compelled to put this on the site. Enjoy! FD

Images? Urgh… We’ve been had!

You know, one of the greatest challenges in running a site like this is the supply of creative content. It seems a batch of images that we obtained were from a source that failed to check the proper copyright status. As a result we’ve had some awkwardness around those images.

While it’s a tough task, we want to do it right.  With this in mind, I’d love you to help us out. If you see an image on FionaDobson.com that you are concerned about, please email me directly at fdobson@zoho.com – we’d like to do this right and avoid causing any offence or upset.

My regular gurls understand how very seriously we take our program, and being supportive to the crossdressing community. So, with your help I am sure we’ll be able to square things away.




The Fiona Dobson’s Crossdressing Man Of The Year – 2017

Crossdressing success starts with a desire to create a certain look. What’s your look?

As promised, Max has got it up! Vote below, and if you wish to nominate anyone I will be accepting nominations until Dec 20th. Each nomination will be assessed by an independent panel (Sebastian and Sylvester) – and included if possible. Nominate people here Fdobson@zoho.com

When nominating, be sure to include a little information about why you feel this person (real or fictional) deserves this highly prized accolade.

The Poll will close at midnight on December 31st.