The Guidelines

I have a few Guidelines we observe in all that happens with my members.  I am quite insistent that my members and friends adhere to these for everyone’s benefit.

Here they are:
The Guidelines.

We take these pretty seriously and they are here for the protection of all our members. Please ask questions if you need clarification. Payment is our confirmation that you are on-board with the program.

You agree to:

1. Respect the privacy of all members and participants in the program.
2. Treat all members of the group with kindness, respect and discretion.
3. To work through the tasks, do so in a timely and comprehensive way. It’s not a race.
4. Never exceed the personal limits of anyone else in the membership group.
5. Help others in their journey where ever reasonable.
6. Ask about issues you are not clear about, whether to do with the tasks, payment or general crossdressing questions.
7. Confine your communication to email in a respectful manner.
8. Not take, share or otherwise distribute pictures or other information of any member without their express written permission.
9. Treat contact information in any form as confidential and protect it in an appropriate manner.
10. Treat others in the membership group in a manner you yourself would like to be treated.
By submitting payment for your annual membership you confirm your agreement to these terms.

Before you submit payment assure yourself that you are ready for this.

Once payment has been made please email me to let me know. Sometimes we cannot recognize the email address used on Paypal to associate with your membership. Don’t worry, we match it all up and make it work very quickly usually. Obviously it’s in my interests that you have a great time here, and I do all I can to ensure that.