An English Country Garden

An English Country Garden is a powerful real life story about how crossdressing has impacted the life of Julius Braddock, a former press photographer from South Africa. It is a serious study of crossdressing, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

At times frightening and poignant, the story explores the extremes of human emotions and looks at how crossdressing helps, and how one particular person can change the experience of crossdressing radically. Looking at stages familiar to most people who crossdress, this narrative provides a touching and helpful insight to allowing feminine aspect of oneself to develop.

The narrative is delivered in four sections, and readers are encouraged to comment and share thoughts about each part, to provide their own insights and experience to others on this journey.

An English Country Garden is free to Premium Members of my program, and is sold for $9.95 to our friends wanting it as a stand alone product. Part 1 is free (and continues below), but for the codes to unlock subsequent parts, please go here and complete the purchase. You will be sent a file with codes to unlock subsequent pages. FD

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