Fiona’s Shopping List

tumblr_o9a40kUvwr1sq920to1_500Here’s a short list of things you are going to use during my program, or generally, as a CD. These are not necessary from day 1, but as you go forward you are likely to pick up bits and pieces on this list.

They are explained more deeply in the Premium Program, but you’ll likely figure out why you need them as you go. Got any ideas of things to add to this list? Please add them in the comments below.

The idea is not for you to rush out and buy all these things at once. It’s more a case of pick them up if you see them on sale, or get the opportunity to acquire them now and then.

This might also be considered a ‘starter’ list. For many of us, the acquisition and creation of a look and a wardrobe is a big part of the fun of crossdressing. Enjoy putting these things together!

Make up



Matte Blush

Eyeliner pencil


Matte eye-shadow without shimmer (harder colors come later)

Brow pencil


Lip gloss

Lip liner

Make up remover and wipes





Garter belt



Sports bra

Leggings – Colorful


Body stocking

Body shapers (waist cincher, spanx shapewear etc)

Teddy or camisole

Pastel Tee Shirts

Mini skirt

Mini Dress

Summer sun dress




Eye lashes (self adhesive)



Ear rings (clip on)



Nail polish

Nail polish remover

Other products

Moisturizer and skin care


Cosmetic bag


Make up bag

Body scent and fragrances

Body lotion

Be sure to add to this list in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “Fiona’s Shopping List

  1. Candi Cotton

    Hi Fiona! The more I explore, read, and listen to all the aspects of your program and environment/community, the more and more hopeful , happy and excited I become!
    I’ve saved your List, which in and of itself is thrilling and exciting for me, to my little Kindle Fire I can’t wait to be contacting you later today letting you know I have enrolled in your Premium Membership! Thank you so much, Fiona!<3
    PS So Carhart has its own line of bras!! Well now! Lol!<3

  2. Kitty south

    Dear Fiona I am so glad you have a site like this. I am over 60 and married . I love to wear women clothes like stockins, bras, panties, ballet foldable flats, high heels, and jewelry. My wife doesn’t like the makeup or wigs . This is not comfortable for her. I only dress at home. Women’s clothes feel good to me especially stockings bras shoes. Is this so bad to feel this way at this age. Especially family would feel like I’m losing my mind. Thank u for this site FIona.

    1. I could NEVER imagine sharing my obsession with my wife! God knows I would be so much happier and satisfied if I had a wife to share with!!
      I also am just a tad over 60 and enjoy garters, nylons, heels and bras!!
      Honestly, I know this sounds like a “pitch”, but I plan on joining in on Fiona’s little black book in some form or another so as to talk” face to face” with others who share our fantasies or obsessions or whatever you want to label what ever it is that we are happy indulging in!!
      For me that would bring to a whole new level of sharing with others in some way shape or form. Same as others share their interests in food, cars, music, etc…
      More to come!!

      1. My Little Black Book is a great tool for that – phrasing – and I know many of the people listed find it a perfect outlet to use combined with Skype or other tools.