How to feminize your man – Part 2 – With Oakley Dale – Crossdressing

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These instructions are very simple, but they take time. There’s no point rushing this, and you’ll fin it far more enjoyable if you invest the time and effort to make the changes lasting or even permanent. If you haven’t heard the first in this series, just look for the link on

So, by this time, he’s wearing a pair of panties more or less every day. If he has to go to the gym or the pool, maybe you cut him some slack, but otherwise, he’s pantied and you shop together for nice feminine panties. Ask him which ones feel nicest, which feel they feel like they fit best – simply engaging him in the talk will help him say that he likes one over another – which sounds almost like ‘I like wearing them’. You’re actually conditioning him to like them as much as anything. Soon he’ll just put them on without you suggesting it, as long as you continually affirm how turned on it makes you feel.

The fourth task is easy.

One evening, out of the blue ask him to paint your nails. Simple as that… except you tell him how good he is at it “just like my girlfriend xxx. We used to paint each others toe nails hwne we were kids, and then make out, pretending each other were guys. It was pretty hot! Would you like me to paint your nails?”

If you get him a little turned on before you ask him, it will help, but he’ll likely say, “OK, but just one!” Just go along with this, and absent mindedly do them all. Don’t worry, he’ll play along. Once painted, refresh them every three or four days, and tell him that each time you see them you get so turned on you just can’t help it.

Next – Task 5.

At some point you’re going to have to begin something he may have wanted for years. If he’s ever talked about ‘anal’ now’s your chance to give him what he wants, though maybe not quite the way he anticipated. Next time you make love have a small vibrator, or adult toy, and surprise him with it. There’s a first time for everything, after all. Tell him, you like it because it makes you feel powerful. You love that he trusts you so much. Tell him you always wanted to and so few men let you do what you want.

Now keep in mind he’s pretty receptive to your training by now. He’s ready to do anything for this enhanced sex life. He’s also unknowingly drifting into an increasing submissive sexual role. You should be sure that you are stimulating him anally when he climaxes, and that’s going to be a feature of your lovemaking from this point forward. What you’re doing is setting up the association of him eventually needing to feel the anal excitement to achieve orgasm.

By this time, when he comes, you should be using language such as – ‘You’re such a good girl,” and “My little girl loves to be used, deosn’t she?” whenever you’re enjoying sexual intimacy. Believe me, he’s going to be so occupied enjoying himself, you won’t need to worry about what he is thinking.

In fact, at this point he’s going to be so receptive to suggestion during the process that he won’t even realise that he’s being programmed into a femme role. It’s going to seem like the most natural thing in the world.

On to Task Six. This is one you have to play very carefully. In fact, in successful feminizations of this sort, this is the tell tale task – the one that dictates what happens next.

Ask him if he finds that his orgasm is more intense following a period of not having sex. You should be recording each time you have sex up to this point, and you’re now going to find what the average period between nights when you have sex is.

So, if it’s every four or five days you are going to need to know that. Here’s why; you’re going to deny him sexual release for at least double the average period between sex. Now, he’s not to know that you’ll likely satisfy yourself, or make your own arrangements. During this time you should keep encouraging him, telling how good it will be.

When the time comes, and you do make love, he’ll be thrilled. However, you are going to pretend that you think he’s been jerking off and relieving himself. You want to try the experiment again. Only this time you want to be sure it really works, which is why you’re going to ask one of your girlfriends to get hold of a chastity device. He’ll balk at the idea at first, but you let him know it’s just for a few days.

Now, I’m happy to answer your questions – but if you’re enjoying this, then perhaps you should check out – where you can learn all about crossdressing. And if you want to feminize your boyfriend, be sure to look out for Part 2 in this 3 part series, by following me on Twitter and Periscope. That way you’ll know when I’m doing them, but they’re also on – You can also find more of my Periscopes at



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