Fiona’s Little Black Book

My Little Black Book is where I keep all my friends contact details. And, of course, what could be better than my friends chatting, emailing and meeting each other?

tumblr_oe0eawqano1uo91jvo1_540After you join, you reach out to a number of the other members. Perhaps they are close by, or maybe they are on the other side of the world. Either way, they are all looking forward to you selecting and then contacting them. Then once a week you chose three more members to say ‘Hi’ to, and create new connections. Before very long you’ll find you’ve build a circle of friends, some CDs and some Admirers (bother male and female) that you can share your interests with.

If you’d like a listing in Fiona’s Little Black Book, it only costs $24.95 a year. You can connect with over 400 other CDs. I do accept non-CD members, and they pay a slightly higher rate. There’s a reason for this. I do not want a system that is full of non CD members chasing after one or two poor beleaguered CDs. No one wins like that! You can see, this is a tool that really is designed to serve you well. And I know we all like that idea.

The system can be searched by city, state, age or name – and you are then able to reach out to them via email. It’s a simple and very efficient little project, regardless if you’d just like to chat together or meet face to face.

All members of my Little Black Book are expected to conform to our Guidelines. This keeps everyone safe and happy, and I like that.

The best possible way to use my Little Black Book is to message at least three members every week, and start to build a network of friends with which to chat and share your interest.  No one is in the Little Black Book because they want to stay quiet. All the members love to chat and would love to hear from you.

Subscribe to Fiona’s Little Black Book as a Crossdresser using the link below. You’ll be taken to our payment processor – Genr8tor – and you can make your subsciption payment for $24.95 for the year, or just $2.95 a month. Be sure to email me afterwards to let me know you’ve made your payment.

Non CD Members – Admirers.

Join Our Admirers Club.

To subscribe as a non-CD member we have a slightly different process.

To enjoy membership of Fiona’s Little as a non-crossdressing member (an Admirer), male or female, we welcome you at a slightly higher subscription rate – US $49.95 a year.  We only accept a limited number of non-CD members, which maintains workable balance within Fiona’s Little Black Book. In this way you are guaranteed not to be signing up to a system with hundreds of admirers and no Crossdressers. Pretty smart, huh? If the link below is showing, then we are accepting a limited number of non-CD members.

Please be aware that if you are going to be one of our privileged non-CD members you are still expected to adhere to our Guidelines which can be found HERE.

Where are our members?

Our membership spans the globe. All our members are committed to connecting and building friendships. The map below shows where many of them are located. This map was updated on November 30th, 2016.



We’d love to have you in the Little Black Book.