11 Replies to “Breast Enlargement For Crossdressers.”

  1. So love hypnosis, as have I used it way before online. As well as was bisexual long before online fantasies or reality has taken hold.

    But having B cups presently, its like I for one, can’t help but want bigger tits. Like a certain one can’t hide, like I can the B cups. Which well be so many positives for me, as well bring me more cock, but cuter outfits for attracting cock n making sure I don’t revert back, as no going back, only forward.

    Have hard time thinking at times, but can’t help but feel good n oh so true

    1. does hypnosis work on femine side breast are awsome whish but hair a posture to be convincing pass makeup tips are also nedded,hard to stop looking wanting more once straight but once you start you need more x

  2. Good afternoon, Have tried the herbal plants and they do well for me. Always consult your medical doctor to be on the safe side. Also there are some massage techniques that also help with the sisters, giggles. Hypo also inprints the message to your Libido. Am a 38-40 C cup and loving it. Have a great day, be sweet and uplifting.
    Love tvlace

  3. Fiona,

    What a wonderful hypnotic video ! So suggestive and such great visuals that perfectly suited the very exciting suggestions woven throughout. I have been watching sissy hypnosis videos for some time now, and really enjoyed this one. I especially liked imagining myself with the perfect silhouette provided by enlarged breasts, and standing tall with perfect posture in high heels. So exciting! And I fantasize about how this would make me more attractive to others.
    So time for me to get my breast forms and slip them into my new camisole bra, and put on pair of sexy heels and practice.

    Thank you again,

  4. I just love hearing your soft yet very commanding voice. Voluptuous as it is I go right into a relaxing state as soon as I hear it. It is amazing how you have allowed me to focus on the movements within my body. Thank you, truly yours Heather Rose.

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