4 Replies to “Self Hypnosis – Taking It To The Next Level.”

  1. I love this audio. It is doing a great job of helping me lose my male ego and surrender completely to Fiona. I wish there were more like this.

  2. Omg I took it to the next level and holy shit, it was amazing. I dressed up the other day, and was chatting a guy, i sent him a photo. I got reall horny and all of a sudden he asks for my address, my clit tingles as i type it and send. Oh fuck what did i just do.

    Im a wreck pacing nervioulsy, think no way is he comming here, then a knock and he lets himself in.

    There i am me, Jessica the slut, standing before a real man. I drop straight to my knees and pull his cock out. I suck it like a whore, he whips me some and fucks me with a dildo. Then back to sucking until he shot this most amazingly beautiful load of hot steamy cum in my mouth and all over my face. I felt amaxing, sadly he never returned.

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