Oakley Dale – How To Talk To Your Partner About Crossdressing.

In this, the first of five periscopes, Oakley is going to talk about how you lay the groundwork for talking to your partner about crossdressing. Many people are afraid of how their partner will respond. We’re going to show you how to set the scene so that they become receptive to the idea.

Feel free to add questions for Oakley in the comments below. Next one is next week.

Part 2 is here.

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    1. Yes. The short answer is – gently. Likely she thinks crossdressers want to become women. She probably doesn’t really understand the issue, and why would she. If she can be introduced to the idea that people (not ‘men’ or ‘women’) sometimes like to explore the gender middle ground a little, perhaps she can get a little more understanding and learn something. Many women fantasize about having a penis. It doesn’t make them lesbian, or less of a woman. It’s just a curiosity, that’s all. And, if that’s ok then why should it be so odd that a man, now and then, feels like exploring his feminine side? Keep watching Oakley Dale to figure it out!

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