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My free program is a taster of some of the things you can expect on my blog and in my Premium Program. You’ll get some fun tasks to do, and get to know me and some of my friends intimately.
You and I both know how nice it is to try before you buy, so here’s your opportunity to do so. Obviously this is not exactly the same as the Premium Program, but it does give you a little taste. And if you are like many of my members all it takes really is a little taste.

When you sign up for free, you also get access to the first of a new series of hypnosis files. These are files that go along with the hit series of stories – Clothes Maketh The Man. You can enjoy the experiences of the hapless Andy as he goes through his adventures, while you are in hypnosis.

Sign up and enjoy the free program using the form below. When it comes time to upgrade to the premium program, at just $35 a year, you can do so here. Don’t worry, you will not be charged anything for the free program. You only pay something if you choose to sign up for the Premium Program.

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