Where do you find inspiration?

One of the great things about crossdressing is the opportunity it affords us to be expressive and creative. I’ve said to many of my members that if you stick a pig in lingerie it’s still a pig. Indeed, I’ve said to my good friend Sylvester that Amanda’s best chance to get a date is if someone mistakes her for a seeing eye pig in a bar.

Many of us simply are not going to pull off the lingerie look, just as many women won’t. That doesn’t stop you looking great in a dress. It’s a matter of aiming at a goal that are attainable – which is far more satisfying than continually striving for the unachievable.

While the catwalks of Milan will be the inspiration for some, the art or music videos of a certain period will be the inspiration for others. It’s all a matter of taste.

However, today I’d like you to think about all the different places you can draw on for inspiration for crossdressing ideas. I have a few of my own that I’ll be expanding on in the coming days, but I thought this one quite fun.

Above is a picture by the British Artist, Beryl Cook. Her paintings are quite iconic and show a humor that reflects her nature.

Where do you draw your ideas from? Got any inspirational ideas you’d like to share? Email me at fdobson@zoho.com and I’ll share some of the best ones.