Oakley Dale – Feminize your man Part 4

You’ll see from the first 3 periscopes in this series that you’ve got him used to taking instruction from you by now. You can find those easily by going to fionadobson.com and using the search box to find ‘Feminize your man’. So, your little gurl is behaving pretty well by this stage. She has a good idea that she’s never going to have sex in the way he used to have in his previous life. Now everything’s different.
And this is when you introduce – very gently – the idea that as a complete sissy her usefulness is defined entirely by her ability to give pleasure to others. This is going to take the form of service – doing chores, cleaning the house in a suitable costume, perhaps, but also sexually.
Introducing the idea by this stage is not really that difficult. By this time your sissy only has orgasms at your choice of time and means, and she should be entirely trained to know that she’s never going to have sex with you – unless it’s entirely your own choice.
As a woman this is likely to make you feel quite empowered, to say the least. You can always threaten to tell his friends, and you should have a nice selection of pictures to help convince him to be co operative by now. Ideally, though, what you should start to find is that he doesn’t really need to be threatened at all. Mostly, I find that my sissy’s want to do as I tell them. They are completely driven to please me.
At this point you’re going to suggest that maybe it would be better if he try satisfying a man. After all, he’s such a gurl now! Looking after just one man, for a little fun, would be the most natural thing in the world. In fact, it’s a reward for him.
He’s pretty well prepared physically to be able to do this by this stage, of course. He’s probably going to enjoy it. But, you retain all the control. Make it quite clear that you get to choose who he is going to satisfy.
It’s also important you explain that, however he feel, he’s to make your chosen stud believe he loves it. He should be told to gush over the man – ‘what a big dick! Oh my god, I just love it! I want it so bad!’
Make sure he’s prepared with instructions to tell the chosen stud how wonderful it is.
Now all you have to do is choose someone. I always choose an exboy friend. It seems appropriate. Of course, you could have someone in mind – it’s always fun to choose someone he works with, or sees regularly. It’s like a constant reminder of his feminine self and how it’s there at your disposal, not his.
I’ve told him so many times, by this stage, that the previous guy was so much more of a man, and that he is sweet – “but like a girlfriend really. And, I’m sorry, but you never really satisfied me as a man. And you’re doing so well as a woman.”
Now, when she performs for your chosen stud, you’ll want to help and encourage her. You may even find a nice pic or two helps keep him focused, and after all what better way to help her than share it with some friends of Facebook. And in the end, your helping her. She’s find out who she really is!
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