4 Replies to “Why Crossdressers are so much fun.”

  1. I have been dressing for many years now and love it so much. I love keeping my body smooth also. I love bras panties skirts shorts jeans tops and lingerie. I have a few friends that know and have seen me dressed and they love it. Two are women and one is a man. WE all get together whenever we can.
    One of the women is my neighbor so she can just pop by anytime and see how I am dressed. She gets such a kick out of it.
    My male friend gets so turned on by my dressing. Sometimes her brings his G/f over to see me dressed. It’s a way of life for me and I love it.

  2. I dress up in my bra and panties all the time when I get out to town when I get to where I need to be it depends on the time what I wear day time I have a dress on night time something sexy.

  3. Hello, so nice to be here. Pat does love to meet other girl’s to have Dinner, play and see what may happen. Been crossdressing for ages and always willing to help others. Do pass well and learning to be the proper Feminine persona. We allcan get more comfortable with being a classy girl. Then become a little Sissy for others. You can have a great deal of comfort in our better skin. Yes. love Pat H.

  4. I truly enjoy wearing heels, hard to believe that I can walk on 5 inch heels. Started with pantyhose, now I have breast forms, and a small wardrobe. Can.t get around to makeup and wigs, but I really enjoy a skirt bra and panties, and wearing my breasts. and it is fun to go both braless or with the bra. No desire for other men, and also scared s$%Tless about getting caught.

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