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My little Black Book now has over 500 members. It’s an easy way to meet new friends, and connect with CDs across the globe or around the corner.

I’ve recently added some ways features that make it easier to see profiles and find the people you’re looking for. Check it out below if you like, and then join for as little as $2.95 a month HERE.

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Thrusting ourselves deeper!

Thrusting ourselves deeper!


I was a little surprised when I arrived at work this morning and found Fiona very excited. She was just back from her yoga class, dressed in that tight fitting pair of yoga pants she loves so much.

“It’s time for us to thrust ourselves deeper into our Admirers!” she said. “I want you to encourage a few more into My Little Black Book – the girls are just desperate to hear from them. It’s like they are all too shy, or something.”

Fiona has a bee in her bonnet because she’s been answering some of the emails from our members who live far from the cities with a CD scene. Some are very lonely and really could use someone to talk to. The Little Black Book is the perfect way to connect with these members.

Now, I know it’s daunting reaching out for the first time, however, once you get a good grip on it, it soon becomes a habit. Before long you’ll be connecting and chatting all the time. What we’re really keen on at the moment is helping you find long distance friendships.

The best dress crossdressers look well dressed – however little we wear.

What many admirers don’t realise is that there are so many CDs who want to form friendships and chat intimately with an admirer, a confidante that they can rely on for friendship and moral support, as they’re slipping into the silkiest of stockings. Crossdressing can be quite an isolated and lonely exercise. We have members as far afield as northern Australia and Zambia – where wandering down to the local bar might earn them something other than admiring glances.

Sometimes when we form distant friendships we can change a life. The keys that jingle in your pocket, the words that jangle in your head, nothing compares to the sadness of the words left unsaid. It’s time to reach out and find new friends.

So today I’m suggesting you join our Little Black Book and contact a few of our more distant members. They’re looking for friends and would love to hear from you. Remember, is all about helping our friends and members find their joy. This Thanksgiving, maybe you can help us do that.

You can join our Admirer’s Club for just $49.95 a year or $4.95 a month. Just make your payment here – and then email me and I’ll get you set up.

Julie Renner.

Winter knitwear for crossdressers

There’s a fresh edge to the weather here in Montreal, and I got up this morning and got dressed all toasty, and went out to visit my friends after plunging my hands in my nice furry muff. It’s so nice to just slide my hand right in there.

And of course, this time of year is wonderful for those of us who love to experiment with wool and knitwear. The feeling of wool against the skin is so sensual, of course. So soft and yielding. I’ve got a friend in Wales who was saying much the same thing recently. At least, I think that’s what he meant. Sometimes it’s so hard to tell.

So today I have three things for you to think about adding to your wardrobe.

The first is a high waisted ‘midi’ skirt. This one is a cotton blend, but you can see it’s lovely and warm and also simply a comfortable fit. Just right for a look of elegance but that’s also very practical.

The second, continuing the knitted theme is this great sweater dress. The wonderful thing about a sweater dress like this is the way it can emphasise your shape. Of course, it’s look wonderful with it’s full collar, but additionally it’s delightful with the right nylons and warm as toast.

And finally I have this delightful knitted long sleeve wrap dress, that’s both warm and comfortable and adds a quiet sense of conservatism, while maintaining a feminine look.

Strip Twister? Huh?

 ‘Imagine,’ Julie said, ‘if our Little Black Book members could post a chat message with a pic of themselves right there.’

I should say that on Julie’s insistence we’ve been playing a very intricate game of Twister with Sylvester and Sebastian. Now, I must admit that while Sebastian is very flexible, Sylvester is about as loose limbed as a fridge. In fact, now that I think about it, I have compared Sylvester to a fridge on several occasions.

Julie, by the way has a very mischievous way of playing Twister. It’s quite simple. She calls it Strip Twister, and one can only touch the floor with one’s hands or feet. Any slip up results in the loss of an article of clothing. Now, imagine that image uploaded to My Little Black Book.

Max was so intrigued by the idea that he got to work on it and now we have exactly what Julie was looking for. You can now log in to My Little Black Bookand chat with others, and upload images of yourself in the middle of a Strip Twister game, or anything else you feel like.

Don’t worry, the images scroll off after a while. You might post what you’re wearing right now, or how you’re doing some eye makeup or even a pic of your cat in drag, if that’s your thing… (Ilena!).

If you’re not already a member of My Little Black Book and would like to join the fun, why not go and sign up tonight.  You never know what’s going to pop up next!

Now, Sylvester is trying to get his leg over Julie. I think I’d better intervene.



Chastity Devices – Breast Forms – Wigs – Corsets

A Bra For A Gurl Like You!

I am so excited to tell you about some lovely new bras specifically for crossdressers that are coming on my radar. Several of my members having been trying out some of the ones available on my site and coming back with great feedback.

Mildred from Colorado Springs writes “My breasts are now bigger than those of most of the women I find attractive. I so want to find a suitable bra, but get very worried about buying them locally. I’m very shy and I feel there’s very little customer support for someone like me!”

Mildred, as you know bras are all about support. And there’s no reason in the world why you shouldn’t have a nice silky or lacy bra to wear either beneath your clothes at home – or all day for that matter. Have a browse around. You can even find some very cool breast forms here. The more you explore the more you’ll be able to nip those fears in the bud!