Understanding Crossdressing

Many people feel awkward about crossdressing. They find it hard to share the experience, or tell a partner. And yet, they still derive great pleasure from the process. Today we’re going to look at that more closely.

Like most people, when we do things we need to do, we feel the way we need to feel. We are satisfying a basic need. When one thinks of it like this, its much easier to release any ideas of shame or awkwardness. It’s not something we need to do every day or all day – but something we enjoy at a moment of our choice.

Once we’ve got to that point it becomes a matter of finding a way to satisfy this harmless and basic need, in a way that doesn’t upset others. Like many things in life it’s a choice how we do this – very publicly or in a discrete and private setting.

We all compartmentalise our lives to some degree. We don’t necessarily choose to share our family life with colleagues and friends at work. Going on a family holiday and finding yourself in a resort one room from your boss and her alcoholic husband, may not be your ideal view of how to enjoy a vacation. In much the same way, compartmentalising that part of your life when you choose to slip into a sexy little black dress and enjoy a glass of wine is a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

Choosing who is part of this aspect of your life is a challenge. Just as some people may never understand your spiritual views, some will simply never understand that you enjoy dressing. That’s actually ok. You simply need not invite them to that part of who you are, in much the same way as they don’t invite you to their church.

In the end, choosing not to judge others and not giving them the opportunity to judge you, is a calm and safe path. Careful management of your CD life is a skill you will learn the easy way or the hard way. You simply cannot expect everyone to understand it. There’s no problem with that if you carefully compartmentalise your life, and allow yourself to discretely develop your abilities in safe and joyful ways. It’s likely you cannot suppress this part of who you are any more than you can change the color of your skin, or your blood type. So, you might as well get used to handling it carefully, thoughtfully, and allow yourself to find happiness in this aspect of who you are.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and it can bring you great happiness. Much of your experience crossdressing is dictated by how you do it. One way or another, you’ll find a way.


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Putting a little color in your cheeks.

Well, I feel quite awkward about sending you this message. As you may know, Max – my neighbors son – has been job shadowing at my work for a little while. The advertising agency is very good for this, but what happened today was quite beyond my experience. I feel I have to share.

Max had his young friend Micheal drop by the office. Rather than hanging around like a great goon, while Max finished off what he was doing, Micheal worked on something on his computer in my office. As it turned out, Max was tied up and had to work a little longer than anticipated, so his friend sat at the table in my office working away at an assignment for college. He was doing some sort of graphics training.

I was wearing a very thin pale blue blouse, my navy blue bra visible through it. My skirt was also rather shorter than strictly necessary, though no one had ever complained. Either way, what transpired was probably predictable.

I remember clearly freshening up my eye makeup, and glancing in the mirror of the compact as I applied a little more golden glow, noticing the way Micheal was staring at my behind. The only word that comes to mind is ‘drooling.’ One does get used to this.

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Those Naughty Seahorses!

I am thrilled to be offering content from my naughty friend, Mistress Meg to my Seahorses. Anyone joining at Seahorse level of above gets a collection of her messages, stories and quite explicit content, and of course regular updates. 

I generally keep content of that nature off the website and in the Patreon platform, as it’s much better suited to that type of material. I’d love you to be able to enjoy some of these adult oriented offerings. Be sure to check out Patreon HERE.

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Exploring Identity – Part 1

Identity is something that’s always fascinated me. When I was a child I would often play games which involved some aspect of role play. These are not only formative experiences, but also experiments in finding out exactly who we are.

When Sebastian, my personal trainer selects his ludicrous spandex shorts from his closet he is making a statement about who he is. The same can be said for Sylvester, pulling on his leather biker pants. In Sylvester’s case he has a series of tattoos, so even without them he looks hard and is making a statement even with his skin. In his youth Sylvester had been a roadie with a band, and was pretty wild. His whole approach to life reflects his identity. I think that’s true of most of us.

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Auntie Kittie Wants To Play A Game.

It is so lovely to see you here.  I am so happy you’ve stopped by.  I’d like to talk to you about a little game I think we should play.

You like visiting Auntie don’t you?

And when you visit I like to dress up specially for you. I like the way it makes you look at me. Yes, of course I notice that sort of thing.  I notice it and I see how it makes you feel a little awkward.  I see how you try not to stare.

Well, maybe I’d like you to dress up too. I have a few special things in mind.  I think you’re going to enjoy my game. And in the meantime, if you stare, that’s just fine.

I mean, just looking isn’t so very bad is it? And after all, I’m your Auntie. In fact, I’ll tell you a little secret if you like.  When you stare at me it does make me feel quite nice.

I guess you don’t really understand that, but if you like you can look just as much as you want.  But you have to promise Auntie something. You’re going to continue to play my game with me.

Now, the first part of my game is that I want you to comment on this post. Why? So everyone can see that you like Auntie. That’s not so unfair is it?

So, if you do comment, I might just post something else for you – and we can play this game a little longer. Do you like that idea?

I’ll tell you what, message me and tell me how much you like playing and I will message you back. 

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Auntie Kittie.

It’s not about being less of a man – it’s about being a better person.

It’s always a pleasure talking online with my web visitors. I try to man the chat system at least three hours a day, and I’m always around on email.

Our Whatsapp Group for Elite Members is also a chat mechanism. Anyway, this evening I had a lovely first time visitor feeling a little ashamed as he’d never thought of himself having a feminine name. And yet they clearly wanted to allow this wonderful side of their personality to emerge. I am here for exactly this type of support.

One thing that got mentioned was, “Am I less of a man, wanting to do this?”

The answer, as so clearly demonstrated by Julius Braddock in An English Country Garden, is a resounding ‘No!’. If you read the remarkable story, you’ll see so very clearly that Braddock is no shrinking violet. As with so many of my members, Braddock is a person who has a developing personality, and a wonderful perspective on life. Be sure to have a read if you want an alternative view on issues of masculinity – and the development of the more complex person.

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Happy New Year – And Congratulations to Ashley, our new Crossdresser Of The Year!

Congratulations to Ashley Baron, our new Crossdresser Of The Year! Ashley secured an amazing 86% of the vote, with over 250 votes in our survey.

Ashley beat off (calm down Amber in Colorado) – beat off finalists Sarah Huckabee Sanders (last years winner) and Eddie Izzard (who we also love). See clips from each of these contenders below. You can read our recent interview with Ashley HERE.

If you’re feeling generous consider rewarding Ashley by using her Patreon account to show your appreciation HERE.

Last year’s winner, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, is known to some of you as  a member of the White House Staff, looking after media and communications. We’re not quite sure why she got so many votes last year – but votes are votes.

We love Eddie Izzard, who came in third. Here’s a clip anyway!

We hold the Crossdresser Of The Year voting between Christmas Day and Dec 31st each year. Submit your nomination from December 1st and the top three end up on the ballot. See you next time!