Where to start with make up? Our Whatsapp Group discusses.

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What a busy day it’s been in our Whatsapp group.  I thought I’d just share a little of the conversation there, to give a bit of an idea what it’s like in this great and supportive part of the world of Fiona Dobson. You can follow the conversation below and see that One of the members had been stumped when trying to think about what make up to buy. They then asked the group.

This is what followed. Keep in mind Lenni is one of our cis female members.

Lenni: Hmmm… how did I start with makeup as a little girl? Mascara, lip gloss, nail polish. When I mastered those (mascara takes some mastering)… add eyeliner, blush, and proper lipstick. When you can do those without ‘colouring outside the lines’, add the fancy eye shadows. I learned the lipliner trick when I turned 40. (My mum tells me, sorry honey but ladies over 40 need lipliner. Your lipstick is bleeding into your wrinkles) 🤣🤣🤣

Katy: Thanks Lenny will bear that in mind

Katy: Once I have clothes I can see about posting pictures if I am brave enough.

Katy: Just don’t laugh at my feeble attempts.

Lenni: No one in this group would ever!

Bridget: Oh don’t worry about it, I have feeble attempts all the time. Eye makeup is like the Bermuda Triangle for me

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Crossdressing – Keeping quiet, or coming out? With Lenni and Jules.

Many crossdressers dread the idea of telling their family and fear the consequences. In this conversation we explore what there is to be learned from other LGBTQ groups and how they come out.

Crossdressing and the reluctant wife.

A short talk about how to crossdress and talk with a reluctant wife or partner.

Auntie Kitties Approved Nephew Wear.

Auntie Kitties approved clothes for her naughty nephews.

So many times I am asked, “can I just wear pink underpants, Auntie?”

I have to explain that when my nephews have been very naughty they have to wear suitable underwear to show their suitable remorse. Just pretending to wear some unisex panties simply won’t do, as I’m sure you’ll understand. With this in mind I have put together a selection of suitable products below that you can choose to wear if you are in training with me.

Now, I know how much my little boys and girls love to wear the clothes I tell them to. So, if you feel so inclined just get the underwear and post a nice post on the Community section of my Patreon to show how very much you are devoted to your favorite Auntie.

Remember, if you’re not already signed up for my Patreon, you should do so today. It’s just $4.99 a month and you’re going to be helping me reach my goal of 100 members. You want to help me don’t you?

I knew you’d like that idea!

Your favorite auntie,

Auntie Kittie.


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You know how comfortable these panties are? In fact, you probably should have been wearing them all your adult life, shouldn’t you? Of course you should. As one of my naughty nephews, I expect you to wear them daily.
Think of the thrill you’ll give anyone noticing how lovely these panties are. You know you’re a walking advertisement for me, don’t you? If someone stops and asks you why you’re wearing these, you’ll just have to tell them Auntie Kittie said so.
Sometimes a little shapewear helps giving you a little feminine curve. Think how nice you’ll look for Auntie if you start wearing these. And remember, you need to get to the rec centre or swimming pool and change in a public area at least once during the week whilst wearing your special panties,

For some of my naughtiest nephews simply wearing underwear is not enough of a demonstration of subservience. Those of you already wearing panties everyday need to try on something a little difference. This lovely collar is a great example of something that both shows your devotion and demonstrates your complete release of masculinity.

I think it might rather suit you.

Auntie Kittie


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Rainbow has a blockage!

As you may be aware Sebastian, my personal trainer, has high tailed it off to Molvania on some jaunt for Personal Trainers Without Borders, leaving me without so much as a gym partner to help me with my yoga positions. I know what you’re thinking – ‘how selfish!’.

Well, no one has seen hide nor hair of Sebastian since he sneaked out of Canada and went off to teach Molvanian peasants about being vegan. Personally I think this might be a step up from living a life punctuated by intermittent starvation, but not a very big one. If I were a Molvanian peasant I know I’d like nothing more than a nice bit of sausage from time to time.

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