There’s never a dull moment in the advertising business.

As you likely know, I work for a well known advertising agency in an active office in the delightful cosmopolitan city of Montreal. It is often said that for each job in some industries, several other people are supported. So, for example while a car plant may employ 4,000 people a further 6,000 jobs are created servicing the 4,000 people employed with things like transport, employment services and catering. In much the same way, my work supports not just myself, but also Sylvester my mechanic, Sebastian my personal trainer, Ali my gardener, young Max who helps with technology on my blog and several other assorted hangers on and peripheral individuals.  

I was talking on this very subject with Bernard, my photographer, when we were out on agency business just the other day. Ali, who so lovingly tends my garden, spends more time there than I ever do. Instead, while he enjoys my delightful Champaign colored roses in my garden I am out driving with Bernard on a task for the advertising agency. And I’m paying Ali! It all seems rather obtuse. That said, I do love Ali, and his daughters are sweetness itself. They arrived in Canada just a couple of years ago, refugees from the war in Syria.

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Can I be femme behind closed doors, but masculine in public?

I was recently asked this question by one of my members.  So many of us just adore putting on a negligee and yet lead quite masculine lives. 

It’s not unusual at all for my members to indulge their love of crossdressing in a quiet and appropriate way, while still maintaining a leadership role in society generally. One of my members, a pilot with a national airline, told me just the other day, that they feel the fun of crossdressing and the freedom of allowing that more sensitive feminine way of thinking, has greatly added to their ability to manage the tough decisions of leadership.

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Here’s how you become an instant Power Crossdresser!

I stepped out of my office and jumped on my bicycle, having pushed the package that had been delivered to my desk into my back pack.  My pink cycle helmet matched my pale pink tee shirt and as I pulled into the afternoon traffic in the spring sunshine.

I find cycling the best way to get around the city.

I would say I was hardly looking my best in a pair of jeans and runners in the Montreal spring sunshine. I usually like to bring at least some femininity to my look, even when just cycling through the traffic on my way back to Huckleberry Close.

Just then, between the slow moving vehicles and the pedestrians hurrying to their buses I caught sight of Robin, who I’ve recently found very attractive and certainly seems what I could best describe as ‘an exciting diversion’. Doubtless they were on their way up to the coffee shop on the corner, where I’ve often seen them hang out. If I were to hurry, just a little…

I pulled off the road and secured my bike and then hurried in to the café, ordered a coffee and then ducked into the bathroom. You have to hand it to Starbucks, their bathrooms really are designed with the crossdresser in mind. Bright, clean and spacious, perfect for the quick change and application of some makeup.

I opened up my back pack and rummaged around finding some makeup. What a shame I had barely any clothes in my pack that might add to my gurly look. I took a moment or two to work with the makeup, and once satisfied looked to my clothes.

Just then I remembered the package I’d received from Maureen at Glamour Boutique. I opened it and was thrilled to find a wonderful pair of patent black ankle boots. The heels were sensual and long, and the shiny black surfaces almost liquid black. They were both elegant and slutty at the same time. Exactly what I needed.

How to turn from bland clothing to power crossdresser in just a few moments? I rolled my jeans up a few turns, pulled a strappy belt from my pack, untucked my tee shirt and fastened the belt around my waist. I then stepped into the languid new black boots, feeling how comfortable the fit was. I am a size 10 male – or 12 femme – and they fit perfectly. I fastened the laces nice and firmly and felt the stiletto heels securely supporting me. No tottering too and fro today!

Looking at myself in the mirror I was quite satisfied that I combined that blend of sporty sophistication while retaining a sense of being vaguely accessible. ‘Yes,’ I thought, ‘Robin will like this!’

I turned around and checked the back view. These boots were helping my posture in just the way I like with a heeled boot. My bum was just right, being both round but lifted nicely by the way the heels worked with my physique. I was going to love these boots!

As I stepped out of the bathroom I saw a few heads turn, and then the glass doors opened and Robin entered the café. I walked toward them, marveling at how comfortable the boots felt.

“Robin,” I said happily. “What an unexpected surprise!”

“Oh, Fiona,” they said. “You look stunning.”

I watched their eyes slide down my body and check me out. How indiscreet of them, I though. Delightful.

“Oh, Robin,” I said trying to be bashful. “It’s nothing. I’m just cycling home, and happened to stop in here.  Now, I wonder if I can press you to some banana loaf.  You do like banana, don’t you?”

The ankle boots from Glamour Boutique are equally at home on the dance floor, behind your ears or at the foot of Robin’s enormous King size bed. You’re going to love them. You can find them here.

Have a lovely week.


My pussy is being hunted!

My pussy is being hunted.


The sun is blazing down on my garden, and I can hear Ali moving about in the distance, his hand tools musically clinking as he cleans up the flower beds. He has recently declared a Jihad on the weeds in the north border.

As he arrived this afternoon in his Smartcar, equipped with the rifle rack that Sylvester gave him, re-purposed to carry his rakes and spades, I was dancing – in my kitchen to the sounds of my childhood – – getting carried away in my own little world. I had put together a big pitcher of sangria, a nice zinfandel with pineapple chunks and oranges, for myself, Ali while he worked, Max who was climbing a tree and trying to get to my pussy (don’t ask), and Bernard who will be over later this afternoon with some proofs from our latest photoshoot.

My garden is one of my favorite places in the summer. It’s a hive of activity. I still don’t know exactly what Max is doing climbing that tree, though. Shirtless and tanned he is, well, an entertaining diversion. He’s trying so hard, but I don’t think he’s ever going to get my pussy. All the same it’s fun to watch.

The summer here in Montreal is in full swing, and I am thrilled to say that we’re welcoming new members to my program all the time. I have been thrilled to see so many new members recently, it quite takes my breath away. I’ve also been getting a lot of mail – my inbox has been quite literally pounded with interesting mail. Have a listen to a couple of my responses here:

So, I thought I’d include a couple of things in today’s message. One is something I am constantly asked about. Breasts. Yes, always something we like to give our attention. But, if you don’t want to go on a hormone therapy treatment, what can you do to stimulate a little breast growth? I am so glad you asked!

There’s a few soy drinks out there, including ‘So Good’, that are quite rich in phytoestrogens that mimic the female hormone estrogen. If you drink a moderate amount daily you will experience a small increase in breast size. Women have known of this trick for years, and can lift their breast size by one or two cup sizes quite easily. So can you. If you’re not in North America (and I have members from all over the globe now) then finding another milk like soy drink will likely have the same effect.

Gosh, you learn some useful things from me! You can also use one of my breast enlargement self-hypnosis files here: Self hypnosis for breast enlargement has been around since the sixties, and is well documented to be successful. I have many gurls who have experienced great results with this.

Have fun, and enjoy your weekend.




It’s Lipstick Time!

Some of my members just aren’t able to find the time to dress fully. Tonight’s self hypnosis file will just let you enjoy a quick game that I think you are going to find a lot of fun.