That Contrapoints Controversy.

I was talking to my good friend Sylvester this morning and he asked me what I thought the most important thing was for my members.

“Well, of course it’s the stories,” I replied.

“No, I mean what are they looking for?” he said, holding one of my hand made coffee cups in his giant paw. I have a good friend who makes them.

“Sylvester,” I said. “This is remarkable. You’re thinking ‘conceptually’. That’s incredible. It’s as though the fridge had made the leap to being self aware!”

“Huh?” He replied.

Before thinking that perhaps I should check up on Skynet I pushed forward.

“I think what they really want is a safe and non-judgemental space. Somewhere they can come and find something of themselves.”

“Ahhhh….” He said. It’s very puzzling when Sylvester takes such a cerebral interest in things.  He really does have a good heart, but deep thoughts about existentialism are, to say the very least, alien to him. Even Hannibal, my dachshund, has a greater grasp of some complex thought processes than Sylvester.

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