It’s Brexit Day.

Is it in? Is it out? Have you finished yet?

They are the questions that have haunted every British crossdresser for the last three years.

Well, it’s done. It is what it is. It’s time to keep calm and carry on and put on something hot. Here’s a few ideas to get you going.

In just a few hours – at 23.01 GMT Britain will have left the European Union. While in many ways nothing changes, there will be a series of administrative shifts that will change the cornerstone of British foreign, economic and social policies. The following twelve months will result in a series of trade changes that gradually will take effect. Just as a reminder, the average time for a trade deal to be completed is… seven years. In other words, things will change but at a very slow pace. Most of the real change will be in the minds of the populace.

While some will find this a sad moment and others celebrate a sense of new sovereignty, the reality is we really don’t know how this is going to go. If ever there was a time to say, “I’m putting on some nice new panties and will keep calm and carry on”, this is the time.

So, pour a nice glass of wine (probably French) and settle down and watch the fun. It’s going to be interesting. One thing you can be sure of – Britain is very good at adapting and moving forward. This is likely to be the case this time too.

A final thought… In ten years time this may make more sense. The UK may be the first of several countries that choose to leave, for one reason or another. So, time will give some perspective. In the meantime, put on those heels and put your best foot forward!

Clothes Maketh The Man – Part 40 is out.

Veronica inspected me critically and then continued, “You’d better get used to referring to yourself as ‘Andrea’,” she said. “It’s going to be a long and painful path if you don’t get that right.”

I smiled and tried to diffuse the tension.

“What do you mean,” I asked.

Veronica turned around and leaned over the chair. As she did so for the first time I noticed a few livid red welts on her back.

Read Clothes Maketh The Man.

There’s thrush in Marjorie’s bush.

I was a little surprised to see Ali in my garden this morning, spying over the fence in Marjorie’s direction, looking through an enormous pair of binoculars.  Now, you’ll remember Marjorie is Amanda’s lover.

It’s very cold at this time of year and much of the wildlife of the garden retreats into the foliage where it’s warmer. Ali takes a keen interest in such things.

I quietly crept up beside Ali and tried to see what he was looking at so intently.

“What on earth are you looking at, Ali?” I asked quietly, pulling my robe tightly around my body.

“It’s Marjorie’s pussy,” he whispered back.

A moment later Marjorie’s back door swung out and she came striding across the garden towards us, her impressive physique sailing toward us like a battle ship with sixteen inch guns primed and being brought to bare directly at Ali.

“What on earth are you doing?” she asked, arms crossed across her thinly veiled breasts and looking like thunder.

“I was watching your pussy,” said Ali.

Thinking I’d better diffuse the situation before the chill air exposed any of us further I invited Marjorie in for a cup of tea, and Ali joined us in the kitchen.

“I don’t much like being spied upon,” said Marjorie, as I poured the tea.  At that very moment Sylvester arrived and joined us in the kitchen. He placed hi enormous mug on the table beside our delicate tea cups, and smiled expectantly.

Ali piped up, “I’m not spying on you.  I was just checking out your pussy.” I do wonder about Ali’s language skills at times.

Sylvester smiled, and I shot him a glance hoping he’d get the message to behave.

Ali continued, “it was about to get the thrush.”

Marjorie looked livid.

“I’ve noticed they’ve been getting into your bush in this cool weather,” he added not helping himself very much.

I managed to calm Marjorie down, and assured her Ali meant no disrespect. It’s so easy to offend when dealing with such sensitivities. I suppose I have learned to be more careful in my language recently. Especially with all the talk about pronouns we hear these days. I do find that the best approach is to try and be as sensitive to others needs as possible. After all, in the end we are all just trying to get along as nicely and with as much kindness as possible. I do feel that is the approach that brings the best in good taste to our friendships and our relationships.

Indeed, I was feeling rather pleased with myself as we all enjoyed some Danish pastries and a lovely cup of tea and chatted. You’ll probably appreciate that this is one of my great skills. Bringing calm where there was agitation and disruption, before I arrived.

As I walked Marjorie to the back door when it was time to go she smiled at me and squeezed my hand.

“I’m sorry if I’m over sensitive, Fiona,” she said.

“Oh, don’t be so silly,” I said. I added, “Besides, in spring I can hardly wait to see your tits in the garden myself,” and closed the door behind her.

Have a lovely week.