I’m getting Sylvester’s boxers down.

“That’s it, Sylvester,” I said. “You just take down your boxers and I’ll stick a big one up there!”

While perched on the top of a step ladder Sylvester handed me down the two portraits of his father’s prize winner pedigree boxer dogs. They won the dog show here several years ago, and as I liked the pictures so much Sylvester allowed me to display the paintings in my living room while his apartment was being decorated. They made a nice change, but to be honest I’m a little bored of them now.  I’m replacing them with a huge photograph of Hannibal, my dachshund now.  I do like to freshen up the look of my living room in spring, don’t you?

I’ve had a lovely week, Marjory my neighbour invited me over yesterday evening, having hired a sweet young French chef to cook her birthday dinner. What a handsome young man he is! And I think he took a shine to me, too.

After thanking him in the kitchen for such a lovely meal I spotted something between the frog’s legs, and the cake. So many candles! In the end we lit them, and the chef and my friends all sang happy birthday for Marjory before she blew them all out in the dinning room. It brought quite a lump to my throat. Such fun!

But that’s not the main reason I’m writing today. I’ve been trying to be supportive to Rainbow, Sebastian‘s sister. She’s terribly worried about the people in Ukraine, where she has a number of friends.

“They should do something about those awful Russians,” she said to me while sitting at my kitchen table. “Can’t they send someone?”

“Like who?” I asked.

“I don’t know. The Pope, or the other one,” and then she paused and scratched her head, and then remembering said, “That nice Bono, or Greta Thunberg, perhaps.”

“I’m not sure Greta’s quite the right person,” I replied, “though she might have something to say about the carbon emissions of those useless T72 tanks. They seem to burn very well, if nothing else, but I don’t think that does much for global warming. Then again nor does a thermobaric weapon. The environment doesn’t seem to be a priority for Mr. Putin.”

“I feel so helpless,” she added at length.

“Well, you don’t have to,” I said. “Unicef, the UN agency with a mandate to help women and children, is organising help for women and children in Ukraine. So is UNHCR, who look after refugees.”

Giving here has the funds matched by the agency and is applied directly to women and children in need, and is the most efficient way to provide help. I didn’t need to add that previously having worked for Unicef in Africa, in field emergencies in Sudan and Somalia, I could vouch for their effectiveness.

“It’s a tragedy,” I said, giving her a hug. “But one way or another we’re all going to be a part of sorting it out. And I don’t mind paying a few extra dollars for gas if it means we don’t give Mr. Putin the kind of help he needs to hurt innocent women and children in Ukraine. Let’s just hope people are wise enough not to let his friends, people like that orange haired loser of a former president, ever get anywhere near the reins of power ever again.”

With that I suggested Rainbow come upstairs and help me pick out a nice yellow and blue outfit to wear when I go out today. Perhaps you could do the same.

If you feel generous use the links above to send a few dollars to support people affected by the war in Ukraine. Send me a copy of your receipt and I will enroll you at no cost in our Whatsapp Group – a gift worth $10 a month. Just send me a copy of your receipt to fdobson@zoho.com

Have a lovely week.


We are outsiders.

We are outsiders.

We are outsiders,

On the periphery,

Watching everyone else,

Pretending we’re like them,

But knowing we’re not.

The best we can hope for is to find a place where we don’t have to pretend.

Is home a place to run to, or a place we run from?

Only to hide out in places we’re more accepted, unconditionally.

Places that feel more like home to us,

because we can finally be who we are.

How to talk (and listen) to transgender people.

Gender should be the least remarkable thing about someone, but transgender people are still too often misunderstood. To help those who are scared to ask questions or nervous about saying the wrong thing, Jackson Bird shares a few ways to think about trans issues. And in this funny, frank talk, he clears up a few misconceptions about pronouns, transitioning, bathrooms and more.

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Sylvester wants to squirt some mastic in my crack!

On a fine spring morning like this I often feel compelled to go out and have a jog around the local park and then return for a refreshing morning shower. This morning I did so, with a spring in my step and a discrete bulge in my yoga pants.

After working up a little bit of a sweat running and watching a few of the dog walkers out in the park playing with their balls, (calm yourself Amber in Colorado), I got home, turned on the shower and stepped under the warm stream of rejuvenating water.

I think I smelled as lemon fresh as a grove of lemon trees beside a soap factory when I stepped out of the shower. By the time I sat down at the computer in the kitchen I was ready for anything.

After I opened up my computer two things immediately caught my attention. The first was a delightful email from Kay Lee, who sent this lovely picture. I’m sure you’ll agree she looks delightful.

The second was a drop of water beside my ‘Return’ key on the computer. A moment later there was another. Looking up, I could see a slightly indiscreet stain on the ceiling where some water was seeping through. I moved my computer away from the drip, and then called Sylvester, who is so handy at these things.

Sylvester is such a darling. He hurried round, parking in my wife’s slot, and used my rear entrance. She’s away travelling – I believe she’s in Patagonia this week (wherever that is).

After a lot of huffing and puffing and bending over in the shower he declared very excitedly that he thought he’d have to squirt some mastic in my crack. I felt quite nervous at the suggestion. I’m really not sure what mastic is, but if it helps I guess I will just have to succumb.

Anyway, he’s up there now getting ready. I may have to go and change in a moment. I do hope he takes the proper precautions!

Have a great day.



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Auntie wants to know if you’ve been a good boy.

As my little nephew Gerald was helping me with a few personal tasks the other day I asked myself, I wonder how my favorite little sissy is doing? How are you getting along, ? I’m sure you’d just love to be in his place. Why just this afternoon he was helping me.

“That’s it, Gerald, stir it round and round the bowl. Faster. Here let me help you,” and to be extra helpful I stood behind him, my breasts against his shoulders as I reached around and vigorously stirred the cake mix. I really do work up a little sweat as I work away at it! It’s just as well I have a strong right arm.

Poor little Gerald, he’s quite overcome!

“Oh no!” I said as I lifted the bowl and placed it on the counter. “Some of the cake mix has dripped from the spoon right between my… my… chest.”

“Can I lick it,” asked little Gerald.

“Gerald!” I exclaimed. “Oh, you mean the spoon! Of course.”

After such a busy afternoon in the kitchen I think I’d better go and get a towel to clean up. After all, I want little Gerald to look forward to coming again and again and learning to help in the kitchen.

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Your favorite Auntie,

Auntie Kittie.

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Selfies for Crossdressers — Part 8 (Conclusion).

If in doubt, keep it simple.

Many people are satisfied with composing every image on their phone as they take the photograph, but generally you can crop and create a stronger image by using a simple editing tool and working on the image after it’s been taken. Finding the right shape in the frame, perhaps editing it square for Instagram, or even changing the image radically and cropping down to a specific section of the photograph is all possible with any number of downloadable photo editing tools.

Changing the crop of the image lets you find the image within the image. This can make the difference between an average pic, and an amazing picture. Some people have a real knack for finding a better image simply by changing the crop of the picture.

There are also some post production tools that are particularly useful for crossdressers. I am a fan of InstaBeauty or MakeupPlus, which allow you to manipulate the image a little and crop and tidy things up. Generally good composition on your camera or phone means giving a little extra space for cropping and maybe straightening the image up a little.

An editing tool like InstaBeauty or MakeupPlus give you the chance to adjust color, manipulate eyes, lips and nose, and add some makeup effects. Don’t think of this as cheating, it’s not. It’s using the tools. As you play with it, you’ll likely over do it at first.  With a little practice you’ll be creating even better pictures in post production.

You’ll also see that makeup issues can be fairly easily resolved. Even those who are very challenged at make up will find the post production tools can really change the image nicely. I do urge a little caution.  Don’t over do it, and practice a while before you decide to post anything online.

Take a look at this video of our favorite singer, Boggie. It takes a lot of courage to say, ‘hey, this is what they do to me to make me look good.’ She’s been quite outspoken about the way the media manipulate models to present them in an unrealistic manner. She’s a courageous campaigner and remarkable performer.  I like to remind people what they see in many cases in the media is not real. It’s creative, doubtless, but we don’t need to hold ourselves to that standard. We are at our most beautiful when we accept ourselves as we are and create ourselves as we desire.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series. Feel free to let me know.



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Selfies For Crossdressers – Part 7.

Forever Ashley – Ashley Baron.

Just as positioning the lights produces a variety of effects, the camera angle (and distance from the subject) can result in effects that are both surprising and can improve your selfie radically.

In a head and shoulder shot, if shot from higher up it exaggerates the size of the eyes and shortens the face a little.  Shooting from one side, or slightly to one side, gives the face depth and a little more of a three-dimensional look. A low angle can exaggerate the chin or add chins (urgh). There’s good reason why most selfies are shot from higher than level, and slightly to one side.

If you are able to use a self timer and a tripod, you can shoot full length.  You’ll find that shooting from lower down gives the effect of lengthening the leg and making you a bit taller.

Make sure your lens is clean, and if you’re using a tripod or clamp to hold the camera be sure to give yourself plenty of time on the self timer.  Don’t know how to find the self timer? Easy – just type the name of your phone or camera into Google and then self timer. It will come up in a moment.

Many cameras and phones have a degree of curvature in the lens. You can see if there’s much curvature in your lens by finding a view of any grid like image and photograph it. Lenses on more expensive cameras are becoming increasingly true. Phones are not always quite so true, though.  This can result in some interesting effects.  Too close and a profile will result in a larger nose than you’d think. It’s a better idea to shoot from slightly further away and zoom in a little. Using the zoom effect can reduce lens curvature.

Beware of the zoom!  The moment you start to use the zoom you increase the risk of camera shake being problematic and can result in a little blur. There’s two ways to combat this. The first is to use a tripod or a clamp to hold the camera or phone steady.  The second is a little more tricky.  Here’s what you do:

  1. Change the ISO setting (film speed) to at least 400 but better 800.
  2. You will find that this makes the shutter speed much faster and as a result most movement is locked solid, though the image will be slightly grainy and lower contrast.
  3. Add a little flash to freeze the image completely.

As ever, if you don’t know where to find the ISO setting for your particular phone, simply google it. Same with how to turn on the flash.  It’s all out there on the net, regardless of the phone or camera.



Mistress Meg wants to discuss the voices in your head.

As the voices tease you and taunt you, you realise you can’t fight them. You have to submit.

Finding you crossdressing, and ripping your blouse open I can only say I reveal you as you are. It’s time for you to stop pretending to be a man and to discover the real you. The ‘you’ that talks inside your head.” Mistress Meg

There are voices in your head.  They tell you how you want to wear panties and feel the softness of feminine clothes. And they’re getting stronger.

In this powerful self hypnosis exercise you will learn to accept the voices in your head. You will learn to comply with them. This brief hypnosis file should be used every night, and then loaded to your phone for use at intervals during the day.

Soon your feminization will be complete. Try the hypnosis file below and listen to it nightly for a week. Then let me know how you’re enjoying it.

Mistress Meg.

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Selfies for Crossdressers – Part 6.

Costume and make up

The irrepressible Ashley Baron

You’re a crossdresser! Of course, the clothing is of paramount importance. However, it’s no excuse to play it safe.  If you have the time, really thinking about the selfie – giving it a theme or presenting a specific character is a great idea.

Our 2019 winner of the Crossdresser Of The Year Award was Ashley Baron. Ashley loves Cosplay and has brought entertainment to countless thousand dressing as feminine superheros. She puts enormous energy into the presentations and doubtless has a lot of fun doing this.

Others, such as Monica, research an aspect of visual art and then expand on the theme. The way you present yourself in your picture is an opportunity to be expressive and creative. You can have a lot of fun with coming up with characters or exploring ideas such as a sexy schoolgirl look, or even doing Fiona, in the style of the 1920’s. There’s no end to costume possibilities.

Monica excels in themed elegance.

A note of warning.  Try not to be something it’s impossible to be. I will never (again) be able to dress like a 16 year old schoolgirl. I will dress very well as a woman of my own age, though.  It’s likely I will get a better picture in a costume that fits with that premise.

When putting your look together if you need ideas check out my Pinterest ( https://www.pinterest.ca/fionadobson22/ ). Or you could take a look at http://CrossdressingForFun.com – which is more like a style magazine for crossdressers. You’ll  notice that the best pictures on Pinterest are always the simplest ones. Could be something in that!

It’s nice to take the time to do your make up carefully. Photography can be a little unforgiving, however you’ll find that some of the tools I discuss later will help you get past any minor issues. However, taking your time and really learning to enjoy the preparation for the photograph is going to improve the end result. A happy crossdresser is, after all, a better photographer than an unhappy crossdresser.

Wigs can really help create an exciting and interesting look. While going out clubbing on a hot night makes wearing a wig uncomfortable, using one while shooting selfies is no hardship and often improves the image.  It’s also a great area to experiment in.  Even using low quality wigs when having some fun doing selfies is a great idea. 

Living in a closet?

Inside the dark closet, you can’t tell what color the walls are.