Auntie Kittie’s Diary – 2022-05-30

I am always so pleased to see one of my little nephews coming up the path to my house.  They are all growing so fast. Today I was in the garden trimming my hedge when little Gerald appeared.

“Oh Gerald, it’s so nice to see you!” I said as he appeared with his school books.

“Auntie, do you have time to help me with my homework,” he asked.

“Of course,” I replied. “Do you mind helping me in the garden for a little first, and then we can do it together.”

“Of course, Auntie.”  He’s such a good boy.

“I’d like you to hold the ladder while I climb up and trim the top of the hedge.”

He hurried off and brought the ladder from the shed and then came over to where I was trimming the foliage.

I smiled at Gerald and explained, “I always like to trim my bush. After all,” I added, “you never know who’s going to be looking at it!”

As Gerald held the ladder I climbed to the top and began trimming the errant growth.  The, looking across at the bay, and the mountains, I said to Gerald, “I can see for miles, it’s a terrific view from here.”

Gerald replied, “Yes Auntie. From here too.”

I glanced down at where he was looking up at me.

“Excuse me,” I said.

“There’s a lovely view from your garden,” said Gerald quickly, as he flushed red.

When I’d finished trimming the hedge we came indoors and I put on the tea. Gerald got out his homework and started working away at math problems.

“Would you like Chinese, Gerald,” I asked, feeling like take out was a good idea.

“Oh yes,” he replied.

I looked at one of the online menus, and I must say my mouth was watering.

“Mmmm,” I said.  “I think sweet and sour pork…”

Gerald looked at one of his math problems and then asked me, “Auntie, which do you think is the odd one out. 9, 12, 14, and 15.”

I answered him swiftly, “Gerald, it’s obviously number 14.”

“That’s what I thought,” he replied. “But why?”

“Oh Gerald,” I sighed. “It’s because it’s the only one that comes with rice.”

From your favorite Auntie,

Auntie Kittie.

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Women who love to feminize their husbands. Katia Thornwood.

Women who love to feminize their husbands. Katia Thornwood.

There are many reasons women love to play with gender roles. In this series of interviews I talk to some of the women who love to feminize their partners. I’ll start with our own team. FD       

First of all I’d say that it’s more accurate to say that I like to feminize other people’s husbands.  I enjoy watching them do as I tell them, but most of all I enjoy seeing their supplication at a psychological level.

For example, with my sissies, I will rarely use anything like cuffs, or any form of physical bondage. I’d far rather watch the look of conflicted confusion on their face as I tell them to do something, and they are not sure if they should protest, or not, but then they realise it will do no good. 

I find I can usually set things up in such a way that my sissies obey. They know the consequences will be grave if they don’t. It’s funny how quickly they learn when properly motivated.

As one of my braver guests once said, “I wanted to appeal to your better nature, but then I realised you didn’t have one.”

He lived to regret that crack.

No, I like to see the interplay of emotions. I might tell someone to do something they don’t want to, and you can almost see the cogs going round inside their head.

“Oh, I don’t want to do that… but if I don’t I know something bad will happen. Mistress Katia is very unkind sometimes… I don’t want to do this, but I’ll do it. It’s better than the consequences.”

I’ve seen the same sort of things going on behind the eyes of a cocker spaniel I once had. Men are quite like cocker spaniels really. Especially when they look up at you with those big eyes as though they’re pleading with you.  It’s usually a sign they need a good slapping about, you know.

But I’m really only doing things for their own good.  My guests usually come back. Well, grovel back. But the effects are the same.

I know most of them would really love to let go of the pressure of their life. They’d like to relax.  Well, I just give them that push that forces them to let go. After all, how much thought can you give to the profit and loss statement you’re supposed to be working on when you’re dressed in a frilly pink maids outfit and I have you sucking a pacifier? It just helps people let go of their stress.

Mind you, one of my clients did show up to a board meeting once wearing a pink lacy collar I’d had him in for hours. He just forgot to take it off.  Well, he’s more careful now, so you see he did learn something.

Yes, I’d say my brand of feminization is definitely a sort of ‘self improvement’ program.

You can get more of Katia Thornwood in my Seahorse Level.

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What a tragic shame that author J.K.Rowling once again sees fit to attack trans rights. As much as some of her writing is wonderful, we love her for that, not her ill-found opinions on gender.

Rowling is once more in the headlines for her views about gender. It’s very curious, by the way, that she also uses a male pen name, when it suits her. Either way, she’s likely raising her profile to sell a few more books – and I can’t blame her for that. But the her target, once again is transgendered people. The above video from Natalie Wynn, Contrapoints, is the best analysis of Rowling’s position I’ve found to date. Instead of just a knee jerk reaction, it’s a deeper examination of her views. As ever, Natalie does an excellent job of blowing away the smoke and finding the kernel of truth that is otherwise obscured by the noise of social media.

It’s a little like finding out Eric Clapton is an anti-vaxxer. We feel betrayed, though we never really imagined we’d look to these talented icons for their human rights or healthcare ‘wisdom’. It just sits badly knowing that we’d offered them our trust and come away disappointed.

OK – so, that’s the last cent these people get from me. They relegate themselves to the role of off-stage court jester – just someone in a funny outfit changing to get home at the end of the night. Just another face in a crowd. How sad that they should consider our trust so disposable.

I grew up in the UK, at a time when television presenter Jimmy Savile was very popular. For those who don’t know who he is, he presented Top Of The Pops, a popular television show, as well as a host of other shows, including some ‘Make A Wish’ style shows for children that were terminally ill. He was a character somewhat beloved (I cringe even writing that now) by his substantial audience. He was knighted and died before the truth about his reprehensible true nature emerged. He turned out to be a serial pedophile with victims going back decades.

It does make me think that perhaps we offer our trust to readily. Taking a step back and asking ourselves if some celebrity huckster on a soap box really is the best person to offer our trust to might be wise now and then. American voters can hardly be surprised at the appalling state of their country when they vote failed TV show celebrities into office. With a president who suggested 15 cases of Covid would just ‘vanish’, and not only weakened NATO but actively undermined a strategic ally, this might be something to think about. These choices have lasting consequences beyond our shores. Just ask anyone in Bucha, in Ukraine.

Yes, the opportunist may have a nice catch phrase, but does that qualify them to lead a modern economy in a complex international situation? Perhaps they should climb back in their box and only emerge when we toss out a few coins to see them dance for us. An amusing performance is all very well, but it ends when the curtain comes down. Then the talent goes back to the dressing room, they take off their costumes and make up and leave the theater by the rear exit and wait at the bus stop with a late night coffee from McDonalds. We can offer them the ticket price, but we don’t need to offer them our hearts.

Those of us in the trans world should guard our feelings particularly in such things, and hold our expectations in check. The erosion of hard won trans rights under right wing pressure is not only a step backward in U.S. society, it’s one that is diametrically out of step with other modern cultures. It’s no exaggeration to think that right after women’s abortion rights are eroded we should expect that we’re next. Historically that’s how this one has played. Trans rights are currently in the cross hairs.

I try to avoid being political on here, however we are who we are. Like it or not, our people are the trannies, the queers and, yes, sometimes the freaks. Our trans sisters and brothers are people we may not ever have met, but they are the only people who really know what it is to be ‘like us’. As such when we see people like J.K. Rowling undermining our ‘family’ they are undermining each of us.

Without needing to go into left/right politics we should ask ourselves sincerely who we do choose to offer our trust. If it is someone who is a celebrity clown, or a celebrated author or musician, then let’s choose to give them a few coins to perform on a stage. We don’t need to vote for them or listen to their views on subjects they are painfully ill qualified to weigh in on.

I don’t really advocate confrontation. I believe we can hold our silence and exercise our view in the privacy of a voting booth. These days it seems everyone needs to vent their opinion on social media, likely in the search for allies. Trans people have learned through the ages that sometimes silence is a wiser course. However facing the onslaught of voices on the right, people bend to pressure and question their own positions, sometimes compromise, and hold their noses and vote. We can’t do that. We have to vote our values.

Our trust is a valuable commodity. Let’s not give it away too easily.


Sylvester’s ‘Manhole’.

With the emergence of the spring flowers in my garden Ali, my Syrian gardener is positively skipping about in the back garden tending to the blossoming blooms. And on such a glorious sunny day what could possibly come along to disrupt my day?

Well might you ask. Looking a little bedraggled Sylvester — he of the bedroom eyes and bathroom mind — blundered into the kitchen and looked expectantly at the coffee brewing.

“You’re looking a little disheveled, Sylvester,” I commented.

“That’s because I’ve been staring into a man hole all morning,” he replied.

“You really can be quite course, Sylvester. What you do in the privacy of your own home I really don’t wish to share,” I replied, quite understandably.

“No! You don’t understand…” he protested.

“Oh, I assure you I understand. I just don’t think you need to advertise the fact.” I poured the coffee.

“Some guy was stuck in it,” he continued.

“For goodness sake, I’ve barely finished my breakfast!” I said and poured a little milk in the coffee.

“There was this poor guy stuck in the manhole in the road outside my house. They’re doing some engineering work after those floods we had last fall. He did something to his back, and so I helped him out,” explained Sylvester.

“So,” I said, ever the patient friend, “you’re telling me that you helped out some guy who was stuck in a ‘manhole’. And you don’t see how funny that sounds?”

But Sylvester’s nefarious doings aren’t the main reason I’m writing. In these times of inflation and uncertainty I’d like to reassure you, when you subscribe as a member on my site you are then locked into a monthly rate that doesn’t change. You’re also able to cancel at any time, and return later if you wish. While there’s a mountain of free content here, there’s also some great paid content – but I fully understand that not everyone can afford this. I try to support all my members, paid or otherwise.

As members go on their journey through gender exploration I know they will come in, and sometime go out, of the site. Many members cycle and have binge/purge experiences. That’s ok, and my systems are built to accommodate that precise activity.

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Meet the women who love to feminize their men.

Meet the wonderful women who love to feminize their men.

When the woman of your dreams decides to make you into the woman of her dreams life gets complicated. Enjoy the great stories of Women Who Love To Femininze Their Men.

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