Playtime With Fiona – Get out your razor and slip into something silky!

You’ll love the feeling of sexy excitement that a close shave gives you!

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    1. Hey there. I hope you’re going to join the Premium Program, as you’ll soon learn that it’s all about finding a comfortable level of crossdressing. You can wear pantyhose every day if you wish, or just now and then. It’s all a matter of what’s appropriate. Be sure to join the Free Program and start enjoying the freedom of accepting yourself as you are, and creating yourself as you desire. FD

  1. I’ve always had light body hair so as I’ve progressed it’s been easy to keep my body shaved smooth other than alittle landing strip. Last September I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Through chemo I lost every bit of hair on my body,head eyebrows and lashes. It was strange not having to shave. Now as I finished chemo my hair is growing back thicker than ever so it’s back to shaving. Carla

  2. I shave every couple of days to maintain smooth legs and to get the best feeling ever when shear nylon is pulled up against them. Smooth legs also gives a very profound feeling when in the cold outside (although I have only ventured to an open door and not outside the house – yet.
    Fiona your help and advise is greatly welcome and encouraging. Thank you so much sweetie.

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