I include a wealth of hypnosis files for my members. Some of these are available without joining the Premium Program or Seahorse program. Have a good look through them and see if there’s anything that grabs you – I know you’ll love them. You can find the complete list of what’s available HERE. These have …

You are a supplicant. Enjoy this self hypnosis.

Of course you want to give yourself over to me. That’s natural enough. Just as well, though, because I am going to use you and play with you as though you are my very own toy. Enjoy this hypnosis, and remember you can join my programs here – http://FionaDobson.com/my-programs Fiona

Releasing Shame With Hypnosis.

Feeling a little guilty about crossdressing? Don’t worry, it’s perfectly natural to feel conflicted feelings about crossdressing. On the one hand you love to do it, at the same time you feel upset about it. This hypnosis file will help you feel more relaxed about it.  

Breast Enlargement for Crossdressers – Self Hypnosis.

What every gurl needs! – Breast enlargement hypnosis started in the 1960’s and proved very popular. Recordings were available for women as a vinyl disk, and later as cassette recordings, to be used every day. After a period, typically about 12 weeks, measurable increased breast size was recorded and in many instances verified independently. Now …