A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square.

Now that summer is marching down the garden path toward my back gate and fall is introducing herself at the front door  I turn to ideas about putting together a new wardrobe. I was pondering this, and putting a few thoughts together on Pinterest (  https://www.pinterest.ca/fionadobson22/  ) just this morning. As I did so Sebastian came into my kitchen looking quite disturbed.

As you know, I like to think of myself as a caring soul, a sort of Florence Nightingale in yoga pants. Sacrifice and humility are my two middle names. Yes, that seems a very fitting description. I applied a little lipstick and asked Sebastian to share his deepest concerns with me.

“My sister, Rainbow, has taken off,” he said, sounding quite disturbed.

“Why would she do that?” I asked. Rainbow is a renowned flake. She does have a body as tight as a bow string, and could use a little padding.

At this point Ali leaned into the kitchen window, and said, “That girl’s in need of a sandwich. With meat in it. She needs to eat more meat.”

“I can’t help it if she’s a vegetarian!” said Sebastian.

I closed the window and Ali continued about his business in the garden.

Sebastian said she’d been quite upset since her boyfriend left.

“And the Yoga studio she works in is closing. Appartenly Bikrams is opening up across the street. She’s pretty depressed.”

“Yes,” I said mournfully. “You can’t fight Big Yoga. Those bastards…”

“It’s not like her though, to just take off like this,” said Sebastian.

“Well have you tried calling her?” I replied.

“She doesn’t usually use her phone when she travels.”

“Oh,” I said. “Sebastian, get with the program. Everyone uses Whatsapp. She’s bound to be on there. Just try calling her on that. It’s not like it’s 2017, you know!”

A few minutes later a deep and intimate conversation was taking place between Rainbow and Sebastian. Apparently she was very upset. Sebastian thought her suicidal!

“Ask her if she’s still got that nice copper blouse?” I said.


“The blouse, ask if she’s still got it?”

Sebastian interrupted her and said, “Fiona asks if you’ve still got the copper colored blouse?”

He nodded her reply to me.

“And the long pleated dress? The one with the buckle?” I said softly to Sebastian.

“Fiona’s asking you if you still have the long pleated dress…yes, with the buckle.” Sebastian paused and looked at me, “why do you want to know about her clothes,” he asked quite testily.

“Well, you know, if she’s not coming back… Can you ask her if I can have them. Fall fashions and all that…”

“Fiona! Don’t be so heartless!” said Sebastian.

At this point Ali leaned in through the back door and added, “He’s quite right, Fiona. And anyway, you can’t pull off that copper color.”

Some days I just feel surrounded by negativity. I hope you’re giving plenty of thought to expanding your wardrobe for the fall. Be sure to check out my Pinterest – https://www.pinterest.ca/fionadobson22/



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