Amazing Ariel.

This week I am pleased to say I had the delightful Ariel in my kitchen, as I was preparing a cake. And what a wonderful gurl she is. Ariel has found it quite

challenging to live openly as who she really is, and when she came out to one of her best friends a while ago, found that it’s hard for some people to be accepting of her.

Things are going much better for her now, and at 24 she’s steering her life the way it needs to go. She’s currently getting laser hair removal on her arms, legs and chest. Ultimately she plans to live as a woman. After starting hormones.

Ariel is so very lovely, I let her lick some of the cake mix from m

y fingers after I’d been getting quite breathless, mixing up some cake mix. My biceps are in great shape from beating the cake mix so thoroughly! At least, I think that’s why they’re so strong… What a lovely lust for life Ariel has, I thought, as I wiped a little cream from her chin. We do get up to some fun things in my kitchen!

We’d like to be as supportive as possible to Ariel. You can show your support by helping with her Amazon Whishlist. You can find it here.

Ypou can also find Ariel’s Tumblr HERE.

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