Are you ready to learn all about Mistress Meg’s Secret Pleasures?

As you probably know, Mistress Meg looks after my Seahorses. These are members who require a little encouragement to dress. There’s no knowing just how compelling a good spanking can be – but some of my more reluctant members require this form of gently applied discipline.

She’ll lead you, while you’re unable to resist, deeper and deeper into a state of compliance and subjugation. You’ll enjoy her softness and the powerlessness you experience as she toys with you. Mistress Meg now has a special page HERE.

Both Katia Thornwood and Mistress Meg are always keen to assist in this department. By joining my Patreon as a Seahorse you get content designed to encourage these very special members. Once you’ve joined you’ll have access to all these posts and many more. If you’d like to learn more about Mistress Meg’s secret pleasures be sure to check her special page out. Be aware, some of the content here is quite adult.

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