Auntie Kittie’s Diary – Mexico 1

I must say that when I booked this last minute escape to Mexico, I didn’t have very high expectations. Fiona is always going on about her trips to Puerto Vallarta, so I felt I should go with an open mind, and managed to snag a last minute deal. So, this comes to you from the beach, at my all inclusive resort.

I have, of course, traveled in Mexico many times before, but never to an all inclusive. However this resort is quite spectacular. And to be honest Mexico never disappoints. There’s always the chance for adventure in one form or another.

When I arrived at the resort on Monday I thought I might be the only single person in the place. And that was a little bit of a disappointment, especially considering some of the swimwear I’ve brought. You know what I mean, I’m sure.

It’s always so nice to have a playmate to mess around with in the afternoons, when you just want to lie down for a while in the heat of the day. Well, it turns out that the couple next door to me in the resort brought their step son.
He’s about twenty, and I can tell he’s a little petulant. It’s obvious that this recently married couple are more interested in each other than this particular young man, the wife’s son. I feel sure I can help him along a little. Maybe lubricate his path a little.

Well, needless to say, I have plans fro young Martin. I think he must be about twenty, which I’ve always found such a malleable age. Now, don’t you worry. I’ll be keeping you in the loop over the coming days. I can feel some excitement coming on. I just know he’s going to end up under my – well let’s just say under my influence. Poor lamb.
I do hope he’s up to it. He looks strong.

I’ll write again in a couple of days. But for now, I feel most agitated and I think I need to massage some aloe into my breasts. They are positively glowing with the sun. How nice it would be if you were here to assist.
Your favortie auntie,

Auntie Kittie

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