Can I be femme behind closed doors, but masculine in public?

I was recently asked this question by one of my members.  So many of us just adore putting on a negligee and yet lead quite masculine lives. 

It’s not unusual at all for my members to indulge their love of crossdressing in a quiet and appropriate way, while still maintaining a leadership role in society generally. One of my members, a pilot with a national airline, told me just the other day, that they feel the fun of crossdressing and the freedom of allowing that more sensitive feminine way of thinking, has greatly added to their ability to manage the tough decisions of leadership.

There’s many reasons why this may be the case.  For some, the release and calm of wearing a lovely chiffon or a flowing fabric of a skirt allows them to relax in ways they may not usually be able to manage in the high pressure lifestyle they generally lead. 

So, kicking back with a glass of rose wine and putting on a nice outfit in the quiet of their own space provides a welcome release of tension. I have found a great way to compound this sense of calm is to add a nice element to it. I love to do yoga while wearing a very feminine yoga outfit.  I feel the sensual tactile experience of the clothing, while letting my body find its balance and calm in the yoga session.

Others have far more diverse ways of privately enjoying their crossdressing.  I know of several members who will simply relax at home while dressed. Others who drive long distances will put on a blouse and sunglasses and a wig and enjoy the passing of the miles quite anonymously. One of my favorite members mentioned that they love to sail and often take their little sloop out after changing in the small cabin.  With no one to intrude they enjoy the freedom to dress on the bay in total seclusion.

We all find our own path to happiness.


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