Clothes Maketh The Man – Part 1

It was one of those crazy situations that you just never believe can happen. I was visiting my sister in San Francisco and arrived at the airport only to find my luggage was in Albuquerque – which was not part of the plan at all.

I’d flown out of Chicago just hours before having been called to come in and interview for a position with an advertising agency, and I was excited about the possibility of a great career move. I’d packed my best suit, a shirt and some shoes, and that was about it. I could be in and out of San Francisco in a coupe of days, and I’d stay over with Jennifer, my sister.

Jennifer is one of those people others look at and think is the perfect sister. However, behind closed doors she could be a little harsh, to say the very least. I think growing up I’d seen a mean streak no one else had been exposed to. Either way, I always knew there was something a little dark about her.

I wouldn’t say I am exactly ‘sensitive’ to these things, but there was definitely something about the way she would tease me as a child. You just never knew how far it would go. And there was always the possibility it would go to far.

I arrived late in the day, and with the interview at 11.30 the following morning I knew I would end up buying a new suit and a few bits and pieces. Jenn had picked me up at the airport and as we pulled into her drive she told me “Don’t worry about your clothes, there’s a mall five minutes away. We’ll get you some things in the morning.”

“Thanks, Jenn,” I said. “Maybe Dennis has a shirt I can borrow.”

Dennis was Jennifer’s husband. He was painfully boring and very intense. He was one of the few men I knew that was born with the sad affliction of having absolutely no sense of humor whatsoever. This did, however suit him very well, working for the IRS.

“Dennis is away this week,” said Jenn. “He’s doing some training in Los Angeles.”

“Oh,” I said. “I am sure he’ll find that very exciting.”

Jenn gave me one of her looks, knowing how much I disliked her husband.

“Well, I’m sure you’ll find his sister Devina to be fun. She’s staying over while he’s away. Just to keep me company.”

“That’s very thoughtful,” I replied. I’d never met Devina, though I’d heard of her a few times. She was generally though tot be the absolute opposite of Dennis. Any parents who would name their kids Dennis and Devina had to be a little odd. Mind you, they were named Deborah and Devon.

“I’ll put a few clothes out in the spare room, and you see if anything fits,” said Jenn as she stepped from the car.

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