COVID19 Crossdressing News – Update

Max has just been by and is entering Auntie Kittie’s diary on his laptop. Auntie is not really very good with technology, unless of course you include the Norwegian designed electric corkscrew I have in the kitchen. As a result Max enters her hand written diary entries into our Patreon for her many loyal followers.

He was working away as I changed into a lovely pleated skirt. Now that I am working from home full time (as we all should be if possible), I like to dress as comfortably as possible.

Seeing Max hammering away at the keys of his laptop is gratifying, especially at the rates I pay. However, as I walked past I noticed a map on his screen, looking like a StarCraft game. Perhaps you know computer games, but if not, the idea is basically to take and control territory.

So, as I glanced at his computer quickly, thinking I was looking at a computer game, I commented to him, “Wow! It looks like someone is about to get annihilated!”

Max turned round and looked at me in horror.

“What?” I said in response to his scowl. “They’re going to be wiped off the face of the planet. I’ve seen enough of those games to be able to tell you that without any doubt. I have two kids, you know.”

Max looked appalled and said, “That’s the spread of the corona virus map, Fiona. It’s from Johns Hopkins University.’

You can see the updating map here.

Ooops! Well, I always thought those medical types are trying to take over the world.

Remember, keep calm and wash your hands.

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