2 Replies to “Crossdressing and age.”

  1. Thanks! I am a 69 year young CD and I am exploring and nurturing a new sense of myself, femininity and sexuality! I do not consider myself “Gay” as I really don’t love Men! But I do love being a woman and I do love c-ck! And I would also be happy to be in a lesbian relationship with another CD! Tnx for your message to Bobby! Peace❤️

  2. That was such timely presentation for me. I, too am in my mid sixties, I am straight and in the last while I’ve discovered that submission and humiliation are not for me either. I simply love dressing. I enjoy new bras, shoes, and the occasional clothing acquisition. In fact as I write I’m fully dressed in red dress, stockings, 6 inch heels and my breast forms. I do get a sexual thrill from it on top of other emotions as well. My biggest fear other than getting caught, is to pass away and my family finds my secret. Yes I’ll be dead, but my legacy will be shot.

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