Getting the most out of My Little Black Book – Part 4

Our latest addition to Fiona’s Little Black Book is some rather neat Chat functionality. You can say hi to anyone else logged in, and you can include a pic of yourself either from your files or taken on the spot. This makes online Chats more colorful and interesting.

Just log in to Fiona’s Little Black Book, and then look for the Chat tab. Say ‘Hi’ and where you’re from, and maybe add a pic of what you’re wearing right now.

Only the most recent 100 lines of chat are visible to people browsing, so you can post an image and not worry that people will see it all the time. We set it up like that to make it all the more immediate. I think it’s more fun like that, don’t you?

By the way, there’s another doorway into Fiona’s Little Black Book, if you prefer a more basic display. Some people like it if they’re using a small screen tablet, or just want a different way to see the content. You can log in HERE.

Have fun with it and let me know how you get along.


Fiona Dobson’s Little Black Book is all about having fun. Enjoy it and keep it fun.

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