You know you want to!

Join my Admirers Club.

For as long as you can remember you’ve wondered what it would be like. But even once you resolved to find a CD to experiment with, you’re just not sure…

The distrust, as well as a certain amount of guilt; it’s all pretty confusing.

tumblr_o634h1rRmb1uxh3kao1_500Imagine if there were a group of CDs who are genuine dressers interested in meeting people. Perhaps you’d just like to chat, or maybe you’d like to get to know them and meet.

Well, you are in luck. All the members of my Little Black Book are fun loving and genuine CD’s, who are simply looking for people to connect with. All have committed to my guidelines, which you are expected to do if you wish to join my Little Black Book. We all understand what we are trying to do here, and we are all committed to making it fun, safe and enjoyable.

If you’d like to join my Little Black Book as an Admirer you will be joining an elite private club.  As a member of this club you will have access to my Little Black Book. However, rather than simply loading my Little Black Book with floods of Admirers, I regulate the number of Admirers that can enter the system. This ensures that we never have an imbalance. We never have too many cocks and not enough hens, to use a farming analogy.

Once you are a member you can search the book by location, and review the contact details and biographical information of the members. You can then choose to connect and just chat, or perhaps meet my gurl members.

I always suggest one sets aside time to reach out at least once a week to about three new members, and make contact initially by email. Remember, this is about having fun. My gurls, just like you, would like to connect and enjoy their new friendships.

This is a system that requires you to act with respect towards all members. Be kind and obey the Guidelines. That way you can enjoy the service and everyone prospers.

To enjoy membership of Fiona’s Little Black Book as a non-crossdressing member (an Admirer), male or female, we welcome you.

Please be aware that if you are going to be one of our privileged non-CD members you are still expected to adhere to our Guidelines which can be found HERE.

To join My Little Black Book as an admirer simply use the link below. I will set you up within a couple of hours and you will be listed, after which my members can reach out to you. I also encourage you to reach out to them, two or three a day. You’re going to enjoy having some new friends.