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First of all you need to decide if you wish to be listed as a crossdresser ($2.95 a month), or an Admirer ($4.95 a month). My Little Black Book includes both, and I’m always delighted to bring the two together.

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Once you’ve paid your membership will be processed and shortly you will receive log in details. It usually takes me a couple of hours to set you up.

Be sure to log in HERE. You are advised to add a pic, some interesting information and then to reach out to other members. As you go ahead you should aim to say hello to three or four people each day, reaching out to others around the world.

It’s not a bad idea to reach out within the chat page HERE. Say hello to others and invite them to reach out to you. This is also a fairly simple way to make connections, and doesn’t require log in.

The following links will help you get the very best out of My Little Black Book.