Happy Easter and it’s time for some Easter Give Aways.

“That Amanda‘s a fat cow!” said young Max as he talked to me through my kitchen window, maintaining social distancing.

At the time I was pulling on a pale pink sports bra. He glanced at me now and then, unable to avert his blue eyed gaze, the filthy little pervert.

“Max,” I said calmly, “Just because she’s in a lesbian relationship with your mother, there’s no need to be calling her fat. Besides, she’s the editor of Pig and Pig Farmer Weekly, and your boss. That means you should accord her some respect.”

He looked a little crestfallen and then said, “Alright. She’s a morbidly obese cow, then.”

“That’s better. She’s a very dear friend of your mother’s. Besides, if as you say your mother is going to do this whole isolation thing at her place, it will leave you more time to work on my site.”

“What about my dinner?”

“Max! Don’t be so 1983! You should know better than that!” At 22 years old that boy should know better.

Perhaps I should explain. For some months now Marjorie, Max‘s mother, has been wrist deep in a lesbian love affair with my wife’s childhood friend Amanda. This has taken some emotional toll on poor Max, who is struggling to accept the new relationship.

How odd, don’t you think, that Max who quite lecherously watches me doing yoga with Sebastian (my lovely personal trainer and the man who put the ‘dog’ in downward dog) should have such awkwardness around his mother and Amanda having a relationship. I would agree that Amanda, the queen of tweed, having a relationship with anyone seems challenging, but love finds a way in the most challenging of situations. Ultimately we fall in love with people, don’t you think, rather than someone’s gender?

It reminds me of something I tell many of my members. Judging others is a privilege we sacrifice the moment we put on panties with a partner. Equally, no one has a right to judge us.

It’s not lost on me that the very people that would like to judge us so harshly are often the ones that would delight in fucking our brains out first. But that aside, I do always suggest my lovely members release judgement of others. There’s a great piece of writing on my site about this called The English Country Garden, by Julius Braddock. I recently made that free as it’s such a very influential piece for so many people. You may wish to give it a go.

If you’re not already reading Poison! you should probably start!
Blair has to take a pill a day – and what harm could that do, really? He’s about to find out.

But that is not the main reason I’m writing to you. I wanted you to know that if you sign up for my Patreon now you will be able to participate in some of the give always I’ll be doing this weekend.

I am so excited to be welcoming so many new members to my Patreon. I am very grateful for the lift I’ve experienced these last couple of weeks, although I acknowledge this is because many people are stuck at home. I’d like to make that confinement easier for you, and these wonderful upgrades give you plenty to do while stuck at home.

To encourage more new Patrons I am offering a very special incentive. Anyone signing up for my $1 a month program will be able to join in some great promotions I’ll be doing this Easter Weekend.

I will be giving away some free Premium Program Memberships (worth $10 a month), as well as some free memberships to my Whatsapp Group (worth $10 a month). To participate you will need to join the $1 monthly Good Gurl tier, so be sure to join that right away.

The premium program is something my members use to refine their knowledge of the non-binary world and crossdressing, and the Whatsapp Group is a wonderful group of friends participating in chats and a supportive community. They’re great bonuses.

These promotions will only be open this weekend (Friday – Easter Monday evening) and only to people who are members of my Patreon. Join now and you’ll be eligible for those upgrades as I offer them over the weekend.

This will of course give you access to Poison! which is being very well received. I know you’ll love it.

Happy Easter,

Fiona Dobson

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