How many inches does it usually take?


“How many inches does it usually take?” asked my friend, as she ran her fingers over my body.

“For my belt?” I said. She’s a talented and creative dressmaker, as I should probably have mentioned.

“Yes, for your belt.”

“Oh,” I laughed and told her.

I’m so fortunate my lovely friend is making a stunning dress for me for an upcoming event, and I am being measured today. As she measured me she chatted softly with me.

“And how is that lovely boy of yours?” she asked.

“Oh, you mean Sebastian,” I answered. “He’s not my ‘boy’. Oh far from it.  I’m quite worried about him, though.”

“Really? Fancy!”

“He’s just my personal trainer,” I insisted.

“Of course he is, dear!” she replied.

“I’m quite worried about him. He’s travelling again. You know what happened last time. He got himself into the most ludicrous situation. I’m convinced his digestive tract is only just beginning to recover. And now he’s of to Molvania.”

I felt her hand reaching between my legs and a tape measure being pressed to soft flesh. “What on earth is he doing there?”

“He’s involved with some charity, Personal Trainers Without Borders or something.”

“And what precisely do the Molvanians want from them?”

“Well, as far as I can make out he’s going there to teach them to be vegetarians, or something. It’s supposedly something to do with nutrition.”

“How exciting,” she said as she asked me to fold forward a little more.

“He’s been practicing useful phrases in Molvanian with me. I swear it’s the most ludicrous language I ever heard. I mean, really how many genders does one really need for grammar. Four really does seem a little excessive. Poor Sebastian’s not picking up much, but so far I know how to say “What’s that smell?” and “Where’s the axe?”. The words have to be accompanied by the required hand gestures, of course.”

“Well, of course,” she said as I felt her hand in the small of my back. “I can see how those words might be useful,” she said with a mouthful of pins.

This is going to be a lovely dress, I’ve no doubt. So kind of her!

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  1. I just love your stories and I would read in front of anyone,it seems like your program is freeing me from the chains of my past as well as the fear of exposure to the world .
    Many thanks for all you do.

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