How to use my Patreon.

Patreon is a reliable and discrete platform that allows me to offer an alternative way of delivering support to my members. When you join any of the tiers I offer on Patreon you get slightly different delivery mechanism for my programs.

You can enjoy some of my content free, and then for as little as $1 a month, depending on the level, or ‘tier’, you choose to subscribe to. If you’re not quite sure, this is a great way to give things a try. You can of course cancel at any time.

I offer the follow tiers to my Patrons through Patreon.

  1. Good Gurls – offering you great content including the ongoing stories of Clothes Maketh The Man, Auntie Kittie’s Diary and a wealth of other stories messages and content. All for just $1 a month.
  2. Seahorses – For the crossdresser that requires a little discipline and encouragement. Mistress Meg and Katia Thornwood will bring out the best in you. A mere $10 a month brings you lots of wonderful guidance and lashings of stories and hypnosis.
  3. Unicorns – For the crossdresser wishing to take things to the next level. Your $25 a month subscription gets you all the above content, plus The Premium Program, The Elite Whataspp Program, and My Little Black Book.
Become a Patron!

For those choosing to pay an annual subscription rather than a monthly one, you get two months membership discounted.

Additionally, for those who prefer their content to be delivered via an app, Patreon also offer a great app for you mobile phone, which as a Patron will provide all my content directly to you. I hope you enjoy this versatile way to enjoy my blog.

Give it a try by becoming a patron today.