I have a couple of cycles, and love to whip them out in the sunshine!

I have a couple of bicycles and like to whip them out whenever I can.

The spring sunshine is a delight in Vancouver at this time of year. I love to peddle through the city on these lovely seasonal days, on the cycle paths that slice through the worst of traffic.

I do remember cycling in the city prior to the introduction of sensible cycle paths. It too was lovely, although cyclist did seem to compete for space as hood ornaments on passing SUVs. It’s so much better now.

And this week I’ve been particularly busy. Those of you who enjoy Clothes Maketh The Man will be delighted to know that Part 55 is now out. You can find a complete chapter list here.

As you likely know it is Mother’s Day in North America today. Those of you who forgot, you’ve still got a little time to do a late recovery! As my dear mother passed on some years ago I find myself hanging out with other motherless trans gurls.

I would have been hanging with Sylvester, but he called me rather excited to tell me he is going over to visit Marjory, my neighbor and Amanda’s lover, and is apparently going to wax her Volvo for her. It all sounds very suspicious to me.

Have a lovely day,


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