Introducing your partner to the gurl within #2

Gradually introducing your partner to the gurl who is inside you is a process best handled in a slow and sensitive manner. Many partners will recoil from this if it’s not handled in a very precise way.

With this in mind I generally suggest we handle it in a slow way, and play the long game. I also find, and this is after literally hundreds of members have tried it, there’s no better way to ensure success than having your partner become invested in the process. In the last post about this  we looked at the idea of going for a manicure together. Of course, as that wraps up it makes total sense to book the next one – together. So, now you’re creating a personal routine for the two of you, and establishing a norm. This is a great example of winning a little space, and then capitalising on it.

After years of practice I have come to the conclusion that a good crossdresser is a generous crossdresser. It’s far easier for a partner to feel connected if they’re not footing the bill. So, as you look for slightly more feminine activities and treatments to do, you are going to have to be the one hitting the card (who writes checks these days?), and being the bank.  That’s fine, as I said to a client just the other day. So earn more money!

We could talk more about that sometime (earning money’s easy – putting on a dress and walking across a crowded hotel lobby to a bar for the first time, now that’s hard)– but for the moment let’s continue looking at the activities you can share.  The manicure and pedicure is a no brainer. Getting your eyebrows done together is increasingly ‘a thing’. Going shopping for makeup, where you end up getting a little something for yourself, is always fun too.

One I would advise against, particularly in the early stages, is going to a tanning salon. If she sits alone in a tanning bed worrying about how you might look better in your panties than she does in hers, you’re not going to have a win. Better to have the couples massage at the health spa than the tanning bed experience. Wives can feel insecure if not handled with sensitivity and gentleness.

In the end, being a better crossdresser really will make you a better person. You should constantly be looking for things to share and do together, that fulfill your desire to be feminine – and that she will enjoy. Before long, she’ll be suggesting them too.

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