Is Marjory Taylor Greene a man?

I was sitting at my breakfast table this very morning when my friend Rainbow arrived a little early for an enjoyable get together we have once a week to paint each other’s toe nails.  As it happened Sylvester was at my place doing some odd jobs, having recently changed my oil and having had a quick look at my plumbing.

As As you likely know, Rainbow is my personal trainer’s sister.   She is somewhat winsome and fey, being of the komboucha ilk, but I do enjoy her company, except when she’s talking about her new organic kale based vaginal hygiene regime. Urgh. However, increasingly disturbed by upheavals in the US based political landscape, Rainbow came out with a rather startling thought this morning.

“I think Marjory Taylor Greene is probably a man,” she declared while sipping an organic ethically sourced coffee.

“That seems just a little unlikely,” I replied. “Although the pronounced jaw and sloping forehead do suggest something of a throwback look. But I really think someone might have noticed. Her husband, perhaps.”

“No, really,” she insisted.  “Think about it.  The intransigent polarized attitudes, the selective memory and the ego being out of proportion to her abilities or usefulness… Do I have to go on?”

Penis envy is a common issue with people who like to be photographed with their weapons out.

At this moment Sylvester pulled his head out from under my sink and surfaced from having tweezled my flange pipe and said, “That one does seem obsessed with whipping out her weapon at inappropriate moments.”

I glanced down at Sylvester and commented, “Yes, she not alone in that.”

“You mean that ridiculous Christmas card?” said Rainbow.

“Oh yes,” I agreed. “I am told that people who like to be photographed with their guns have penis envy. I think the psychotherapist who came up with that idea was generally referring to men, but I think you may be onto something.”

I thought about it for a moment then asked Sylvester, “Would you sleep with them?”

“God no!” replied Sylvester. “I have some self respect.”

“I think that clinches it,” said Rainbow, looking into the deep distance, toward my azaleas lost in thought. “They must be a man. Besides, anyone who feels safe around Matt Gaetz must be male – and he was there in that courtroom wearing some sort of truss on Friday.”

I suppose that if MTG really is living life across the gender bar in fairness I should support their lifestyle choice. I don’t have to agree with political insanity, but I should go on record saying I do support their gender journey.

As you know, I don’t generally involve myself in politics, it being such a sordid affair.  I should however point out that in the last few weeks there have been numerous attacks on both trans rights and women’s freedoms around abortion.  Having lived in numerous countries around the globe I find this not only disturbing, but something out of step with the rest of the global community. It really seems that GOP policy on gender issues seems to have lowered the bar so conclusively that even countries like Malawi and Uganda are surpassing some US states in their progressive approaches to these very same rights. It doesn’t seem very forward thinking to a crossdressing gender fluid advertising account executive like myself. But what do I know?

I hope you’re having a delightful week. Most important of all is to keep a smile on your face and keep on keeping on. Enjoy the music offering below.  It came to me one night when I was being hit on by a rather sweet flight steward from South West Airlines. Sweet, but clueless. The way I like them!



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