I’ve been fingered – Auntie Kittie.

How nice it is to be back in South Africa.  I am visiting St. Bernadette’s School For Gurls here, where I serve as a school governor. I am also taking the opportunity to help out in the school, as a lot of the staff have been effected by Covid.

I do hope this is finding you well.  If you’re being good for your auntie you’ll be taking a few precautions, wearing a mask as well as a nice pair of frilly panties. You know I like all my nephews to be well presented.  If you’ve not bought any yet, perhaps you should check out my page of goodies.  Have a look and see if there’s something suitable for you there. I think you’d look just delicious being a good gurl for me!

All the pupils here are out playing sports in the spring sunshine today. I do love it when they are out playing fields, and I get out my buns to give them all a treat between games. It’s so good to see them all playing together. I watched one of our most promising pupils, Amanda, beating off the competition to win the long jump. What a sight.

I do my best to keep all the scores tallied.

“Oh, auntie! You’re so good, always getting them down for us,” said Amanda just today, with a little snigger.  I can’t think what she found so funny.

But onto more serious matters. When I stay here I have a nice room in the school with a view over the Natal highlands.  It’s really quite beautiful at this time of year, it being spring in the southern hemisphere. However, I was most disturbed to notice, on returning to my room just yesterday that one of my draws had been interfered with. It was open just a crack, but enough for me to know I’d not left it like that.

I was very shocked.  Who would think it? Someone had come into my room and rummaged through my personal items of clothing. My underwear to be precise. I was not amused at all. I like to be quite choosy who I let finger my underwear, after all.

All those lovely delicate silky pairs of panties, corsets and suspender belts. Bras too! Can you imagine, all those lovely colors and fabrics, and someone sliding their hands over them. Violating my private things.

There on the mantlepiece was a small box of chocolates I’d bought on my arrival, just as a treat for myself. And there were two missing. I know that for certain as I ration myself quite carefully. This figure doesn’t just happen, you know, I have to work at it.

So, I decided to talk to my friend Mrs. Steinkamp the school matron, I decided exactly what to do.

Thanks to our prefects, discipline at St. Bernadette‘s is rarely an issue.

“I feel quite put upon,” I said to Mrs. Steinkamp. “Just as though I’ve been violated.”

“It’s not like our students to do something like this,” she replied, looking most concerned.

“Well, I think I know how to get to the bottom of this,” I said returning to my room.

I happen to have a small supply of laxative chocolates in my bag.  I have them to keep myself regular, and use them from time to time. I replaced all the chocolates in the chocolate box with laxative chocolates, and left them where they were in plain sight.

I then made a point of laying out my nicest panties in the draw, and made a point not to lock my door for the next few days. Sure enough a coupe of days later I noticed two more chocolates missing.  Otherwise my room appeared undisturbed. I went down to the Matron’s office and there I found Mrs. Steinkamp.

“Mrs. Steinkamp,” I said confidentially as I sat in her office, “have any of the pupils been to see you suffering a little gastric distress?”

“Well, Auntie Kittie,” she replied. “It’s funny you should say that.  This morning one of our gurls came in having had the most extraordinary bout of the runs!”

“May I ask which of these little angels that would have been?” I asked.

“Oh, funnily enough it’s that revolting young Donald. He’s new here. Not a very pleasant individual.  Small hands,” she said as though that explained everything.

“Ah,” I replied and then told her what I’d done.

“Well, I think he’s probably had punishment enough, judging by the state of his underwear,” said Mrs. Steinkamp with a chuckle.

I was about to leave her office when she stopped me and said, “I suppose that’s what you call an ‘Auntie-theft device’.”

I hope you are doing well, and don’t forget to keep your bubble nice and small as we head toward Thanksgiving.  The sooner we get this thing under control, the sooner we can get back to normal.

Your favorite auntie,

Auntie Kittie.

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