My Little Black Book

My Little Black Book is an idea that’s so simple it’s extraordinary that no one has done it before. It is a system that connects you with other crossdressers, or people who would like to meet them. Plain and simple.

You just reach out to the other members of My Little Black Book, and then email, Skype or Watsapp with them once you connect over email. You can chat about dressing, or flirt or even get makeup advice and tips.

Some of our Little Black Book Members go on to meet and form close friendships. We had a group go on holiday to Mexico recently. They had a wonderful time in Cancun.

We also have the occasional women join the group to look for new friends. Everyone listed has made it absolutely clear they’d love to chat, and connect with other members.

So, it’s a support system, a group of friends, even a little bit of a dating app. One thing is for sure – it’s a lot of fun. Jump right in, and have some fun with it.