Selfies for Crossdressers – Part 6.

Costume and make up

The irrepressible Ashley Baron

You’re a crossdresser! Of course, the clothing is of paramount importance. However, it’s no excuse to play it safe.  If you have the time, really thinking about the selfie – giving it a theme or presenting a specific character is a great idea.

Our 2019 winner of the Crossdresser Of The Year Award was Ashley Baron. Ashley loves Cosplay and has brought entertainment to countless thousand dressing as feminine superheros. She puts enormous energy into the presentations and doubtless has a lot of fun doing this.

Others, such as Monica, research an aspect of visual art and then expand on the theme. The way you present yourself in your picture is an opportunity to be expressive and creative. You can have a lot of fun with coming up with characters or exploring ideas such as a sexy schoolgirl look, or even doing Fiona, in the style of the 1920’s. There’s no end to costume possibilities.

Monica excels in themed elegance.

A note of warning.  Try not to be something it’s impossible to be. I will never (again) be able to dress like a 16 year old schoolgirl. I will dress very well as a woman of my own age, though.  It’s likely I will get a better picture in a costume that fits with that premise.

When putting your look together if you need ideas check out my Pinterest ( ). Or you could take a look at – which is more like a style magazine for crossdressers. You’ll  notice that the best pictures on Pinterest are always the simplest ones. Could be something in that!

It’s nice to take the time to do your make up carefully. Photography can be a little unforgiving, however you’ll find that some of the tools I discuss later will help you get past any minor issues. However, taking your time and really learning to enjoy the preparation for the photograph is going to improve the end result. A happy crossdresser is, after all, a better photographer than an unhappy crossdresser.

Wigs can really help create an exciting and interesting look. While going out clubbing on a hot night makes wearing a wig uncomfortable, using one while shooting selfies is no hardship and often improves the image.  It’s also a great area to experiment in.  Even using low quality wigs when having some fun doing selfies is a great idea. 

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