Shove it in my trunk!

“Shove that shaft in my trunk,” I said to Sylvester, who’d asked me to give him a ride home after work.

He’s a wonderful mechanic, always with a tool in his hand. But I digress. I felt I would write and tell you about the wonderful things we’ve got planned for Mexico.

So many of my members struggle to find a way to dress discretely and safely. I am thrilled to be offering the escape to Mexico we have planned for January.

I hear so many stories of members unable to dress and relax. Many of my members are not comfortable going out of the house dressed. Others fear they may not pass as well as they’d like.  Now, imagine a situation where you could dress. You could ask someone for some help and advice. You could even learn about make up, and enjoy a night out without the worry of someone bumping into you. That sounds like a pretty good day.

Well, our team at the Fiona Dobson Crossdressing Conference can help you do exactly that – but for four days and in the spectacular Miramar Hotel in Puerto Vallarta. Join us on this escape and take that giant step that every crossdresser wants. This trip will help you feel confident crossdressing. In unpressured and non judgemental surroundings enjoy the feeling of wearing what you wish, and doing what you want.

You’ll be with a small group of people, likely just like you, in a private setting.  If you’ve ever had to hide your dressing, this retreat will be relaxing and rejuvenating. Get more information HERE.

By the way, if you’ve never read it, you may enjoy my ongoing series Clothes Maketh The Man. It’s in it’s 37th episode at present.

Have a great week.


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