So many people struggle to meet crossdressers.

When I started My Little Black Book some years ago I was surprised by how many of my members immediately joined the system. It’s a very simple method of connecting with other crossdressers and admirers, and to be honest it’s a pretty bare bones type of tool. 

I help many people get in touch with their feminine side, and many of them want to reach out to others, both for support and friendship. I often hear that people struggle to connect with crossdressers, and that crossdressers struggle to meet admirers – both male and female. It seems to me this is a problem in search of a simple solution. So I built one.

I was a little concerned that the simplicity of the system would not appeal to people used to online dating apps that are pretty sophisticated. My intention was to keep costs minimal, but more importantly put the members in control. The idea was that people set up an email that they felt safely put all correspondence in one place, and then list themselves in My Little Black Book. Members could then use that email to reach out to others, and to have others connect with them.

Very soon it turned out that people loved the fact that it was so very simple, which has become the single most important part of the system. Now we have members from all over the world talking to each other, and enjoying correspondence from near and far. It’s proved a great success.  People were even connecting and sharing group holidays.

You can be listed in My Little Black Book for as little as $2.95 a month. That’s the best few bucks you’ll spend this month!

I did however find that some people wanted a method to talk more directly with other crossdressers. Let’s face it, there are times when you just want to send a quick message and hear back directly from a group of friends. With this in mind I decided to set up a moderated Whatsapp Group, called the Elite Whatsapp Group. This had a rather different mandate. The objective was to provide a community for those who wanted the support of other crossdressers. Almost the moment it was set up it became a hit. 

One member had been struggling to come out to their family and being a younger member in a remote part of the US, they had no means to connect with other people in the gender fluid space. Being a student in the middle of a rural expanse of conservatism isn’t always easy. Imagine how hard it is when you want to enjoy feeling feminine, and your parents just don’t understand. The Elite Whatsapp Group provided a place for our member to connect with others and share their experience, and most importantly get some guidance on what they could do to make things easier.

The Elite Whatsapp Group has grown and now includes friends from their twenties to their seventies. It provides a place to safely talk about crossdressing in a manner that’s both intelligent and supportive. Being a moderated group, there tends not to be the trolling and gratuitously pornographic content you find in other apps. I ensure everyone is keeping things sensible, and suggest that if the content would be something you wouldn’t want your own family to see, to temper it down a bit. After all, this is a chat system that’s going directly to people’s phones, and sometimes they are operated in a family environment.

I’ve intentionally avoided pure sex chat. There’s plenty of other places for that. This is a more sophisticated tool for those who love to crossdress and would like to feel the support of a community. I’ve been thrilled by how well it continues to work.

Since it started the group has been a great help to many members from all over the world. This way of connecting with others, being moderated, is slightly more expensive than My Little Black Book, at $9.99 a month. No one complains about the price.

Both of these great tools are available to members of my Patreon by joining me at the Unicorn Level. At this level you also have access to all the benefits of the other levels, plus joining my Premium Program, which is designed for those of my members interested in understanding more about gender fluidity and the transgender lifestyle.

If you’re interested have a look at these two methods of finding new friends and building a community. I’d love to hear how you get along.



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