Sylvester couldn’t get his chopper out!

What a busy week it’s been. Poor Sylvester has barely even got his chopper out. He’s looking most frustrated.

I’ve told him, there are times when circumstances just don’t allow a good ride, and it’s times like that we have to do the preventative maintenance. He usually looks despondent when I say such things, and then goes off to grease his nipples, or something. I have no idea what that is, by the way. Anyway, perhaps the weather will improve and he’ll be able to get out on his bike.

So, after seeing the debate I reached for a nice length of rope to go and hang myself, changed my mind and then wrote a cutting post. After posting it, I thought better of things and deleted it. Few people come to my site for political commentary. All I can say is we now get to see whether people are capable of facing facts, biting the bullet and asking a good man to do what’s best for the country and withdraw from the race. Personally, I feel Joe is a good man, and he’s done ok. But now it’s time. His ambitions and the ambitions of those that surround him simply do not take precedence over the future of a country. My concern is most of all for the many trans kids who will see an end to their medications if the rapist felon gets elected. I know we cannot depend on the liar to protect trans rights, or to protect anyone but himself for that matter.

So, what can we do? Right away you can familiarise yourself with this – – which is a good starting point. If you live in an area which has no pathway to support for a candidate that could get themselves elected, then I would strongly suggest backing a candidate in a location they may be able to get elected, even if this is far from you. If you live in the middle of a right wing enclave, you can donate to Zooey Zephyr, in Montana and lend her your support. Those of us outside the USA can’t donate to support US candidates, there are rules against that, but we can look to people who are advancing trans rights in our own country and lend them whatever support we can. Sometimes this is monetary, sometimes by volunteering, and sometimes simply by expressing support for their message.

We are definitely living at a strange time in history. However, we’ve always been here, and we will always be here. Supporting our sisters in any way we can is more important than ever.  This week I was travelling in the foothills of the rocky mountains, and in a small town hardly big enough to swing a cat in I stopped to buy a coffee on a very long drive.  To my surprise a trans girl came in as I was ordering my coffee. I would guess she was 20 years old. She looked lovely and I turned to her, complimented her on her lovely hair, and then told her how those of us who are older are so very proud of our young sisters. I said to her, ‘you carry a flag that we were unable to, and we admire you for that. When we are gone, you will carry that flag onward.’

She was so grateful. Many of us face a very solitary journey.  When we are able to express our support for one another it really helps.

With this in mind I am offering the first five people who email me at with the email subject line ‘I support my sisters’ free membership of my Whatsapp Group.  This is usually $10 a month, so it’s a substantial saving. Remember to check out the guidelines for the group chat.  It’s been running very well for years and is a supportive place for many members unable to find community elsewhere. If you’d like another opportunity to chat with others, you can do so by choosing one of the options on my Patreon and using the community chat there. Just remember to keep it respectful and clean. It’s about supporting one another.

You can get into my Patreon for as little as a dollar a month, and I could really use some new members there. Jump in and use ‘my back door’ if you want to be supportive.

Have a glorious week.



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