The Making of a Mistress 10: The Wheel of Fortune

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In the latest “Making of a Mistress” (10. The Wheel of Fortune), Katia and Calvin approach their move to Slough. Valleri mentors Katia in art as their friendship blossoms. And wine is not the only thing Katia imbibes at Valleri’s Solstice party…

I couldn’t imagine a part of her I wouldn’t like. Let me taste all of you, I asked. Suddenly embarrassed at myself. She peeled off her garment and bade me lie down. The floor was hard –  cold, but my desire burned hot enough to negate any discomfort. I did as I was asked, then she crouched above me, enfolding me in a veil of skirts, heavy with the scent of her. She stroked my hair as she crouched above my face, and hungrily I dove forward to find more treasures there, feeling her buck against my face, clinging to her thighs so as not to lose her. This moment.

“All of me?” she gasped, crushing me into her. I gasped under her. Yes, yes – I said. She chuckled, as the tide changed – sweet milk to hot, salty fluid. I opened my mouth wider as she released a golden stream into it, It was salty, warm and yet still smelled of her. I was both disgusted with myself and deeply aroused. All I could do was keep my mouth open, until it stopped. Then she began to dance upon my lips more intensely. She was a wheel of blades, over my previous innocence. Tearing all asunder. I let her macerate against the lips that prior to this had only worked in service to the acceptable. Teeth and tongue, she now commanded, lips and moans she now possessed. I was roiling in lust, delight and hunger – completely her possession. When she came with a roar, she pressed her lips to mine in a kiss that stole my breath. I didn’t need it anyway, if this cost to her body’s pleasure at my own was so easily paid, I’d give it away ten times over.


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