The Pastor comes to tea. Mistress Meg.

I looked at the young pastor and offered him another cup of tea. He sat in my room with a look of hopeful expectation.

“I would love to contribute to your fund, and I must say that, in principle I am of course an avid supporter of anything that helps disadvantaged inner city youth,” and with that I paused and leaned a little closer, my cleavage spilling into his eyeline.

I continued, “But, I wonder, Pastor. What can you do for me?”

The young man looked a little surprised, then replied, “Naturally, I’d like to help my benefactor in any way I can.” I couldn’t help noticing the struggle he was having averting his eyes from my breasts.

I smiled at him, placed my hand on his knee, at which he nearly jumped out of his skin, and then I said, “Don’t worry, I’m sure there will come a day when you can do some sort of service for me.”

“Y,yes… Of course. I’ll be happy to…” He said unsteadily.

“Good! And that day is today!” I replied quickly with a smile.

“How can I help,” he said, his face reddening.

“I need a reference letter for my, er, my niece,” I said. “Her name’s Stacy. Now, how can I describe her? I think perhaps the word that most springs to mind is that she’s very ‘devout.”

“Oh,” he said perking up a little.  “Is she one of my flock? I don’t seem to remember meeting her…”

“Oh, I assure you she is very memorable,” I replied.

Stacy can leave a lasting impression on those she meets.

I rang a small bell on the table beside me. A moment later Stacy appeared. Those of you who regularly follow my writing will know that Stacy usually wears latex or leather. Occasionally she sports a very nice little schoolgirl outfit. Today she was dressed in a long skirt, a plain blouse buttoned up to the neck, and wore a simple necklace of wooden beads. Very Pottery Barn.  It was a far cry from the outfit she’d sported last night, I assure you.

“My niece,” I said and she smiled at the young man demurely. I wandered if he could possibly imagine what had passed those lips in the last few days. I found it quite amusing, I must say.

“She’s applying for a job in the local bank. I feel it would help her a lot to have a reference from a man such as yourself, being such a pillar of the community and a man of the cloth. And,” I said leaning closer, “I’d consider it a very personal favor.”

I breathed heavily on the Pator’s face as he stared at my cleavage.

“Well, I really don’t know her very well. I…”

“I’m sure we can arrange to rectify that. In the meantime, here’s a piece of paper. A hand written reference is always so personal, don’t you think?” I drew my check book a little closer to me and started to write a check.

The pastor looked a little uncertain, then took his pen from his jacket pocket.  “It’s so important to help our youthful members of the congregation on their path,” he said as he wrote the reference.


Stacy smiled and sat next to the pastor. He really did write a glowing reference.

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