There’s an intruder in the Queen’s back passage!

I can only say that each time I visit London I find myself captivated by the majesty of the city, and the historic landscape in which I find myself. To think these streets have been trod by several kings, and a multitude of queens is quite overwhelming. I was in the city taking care of some legal business, and took the chance to slip off and do some shopping between meetings.

Sylvester and I were particularly interested in some of the historic slums in a deprived neighborhood called ‘Knightsbridge’. Strangely enough whilst there I saw neither knights nor a bridge, however I came across a cute little corner store named Harrods, which offered a selection of shopping ideas, which is foremost in my mind at the moment. As fall approaches it’s time to start looking for warmer but stylish clothes.  My personal favorite fall look is the sweater dress, and as I had a few minutes to spare I slipped into Harrods to check out what they had on offer. There were some interesting offerings, but ultimately I found myself sidetracked and looking around the lingerie department, as usual. You can see some wonderful examples of what I was after below and the beauty of online shopping is that you need never find yourself sidetracked and perusing lingerie… Right. Moving on.

The traffic in the tiny streets was unbelievably slow. Deciding to walk back to our hotel, Sylvester approached a London Bobby (what we would call a police officer) and asked if the traffic was generally this slow.

“No, sir,” he replied. “There’s been an security alert. An intruder was seen lurking in the Queen’s back passage.”

Sylvester pointed out that we’d had much the same problem on more than one occasion in Canada, at which point the officer told Sylvester it was time to be moving along.

But that’s not the main reason I’m writing today. We’ve been adding new content to the Premium Program recently looking at issues including the trouble with online stalkers, (Do you have one? Do you want one?) and how to deal with them. We’ve also added material around how to recognise when a woman is interested in crossdressing. The Premium Program is really very developed these days. Be sure to sign up if you’d like to take your crossdressing to the next level.

Have a wonderful week.



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